Product: CyberCorridor

Original Price: 10.49$


Somewhere far away in a future we cant image yet …”

So may the story begin. Here comes a corridor set for any fancy future story you have in your mind.

The set is an assembly of the typical parts of rooms and corridors so you can easily assemble a full set for your scenes.

Out of the box this set contains:

– Corner Piece
– Door Part (Moveable)
– Straight Part
– T-Set
– X-Set

– Mat and Room Poses

– 3 Preset Materials (Add on Materials as freebies)

– Computer Console
– Data Stream

– Ambience Diffuse
– Ambience Infinite
– Full Set
– Point Upper
– Spot Upper

Designed for Poser, works in D/S with a few limitations (check readme file).

Thanks for using our products and watch out for more stuff and freebies!


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