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Product: Creatures – The Gazer


Original Price: 14.99$ Prime: 6.00 US$—alien-creature/134946/

We dont really know much about this lifeform. There is an understanding that they communicate through telepathy. They can influence human beeings through that force as well. Apart from their truly strong tentacles they can move things by telekinetic. Their mouth in the low part of the head is mainly for
digesting organic material. they dont breathe or speak through it. They are considered as very aggressive.

The Gazer comes as a grouped figure with dial injects for various poses.

All tentacles have dials inject to rotate, bend and swing as a whole or after/before.

Rem.: Tested in DAZ Studio 4 and 4.6; renders out OK, please check samples and read me. Product is designed for Poser.

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Product: Creatures – Kworn – Alien Insect


Original Price: 14.99$—kworn—alien-insect/129672/

The Kworn are a hostile insect race. No question, if you encounter any of them, weapons at arms and open fire.
This will bring you a the Kworn Alien Insect figure. Fully poseable and made for a battle.
Included are 4 preset poses and a plain mat.
Dials in the head will let you pose the tongue.

Enjoy your battles!

rem.: Works in D/S build for Poser. Check read me for limitations in D/S

Product: Ship Elements X2: SciFi Alien Bar

Original Price: 11.90$


Here comes our next set of the Alien Ship Elements.
This one will bring you an Alien Bar, something you may find useful to collaborate on your next Invasion plans!
The bar comes as a whole set of props, lights, tools and cams to give you a full set to work with.

Included in the pack:
– Outside Shadow Casters, to avoid light reflecting on wrong sides
– Holder, to group your stuff together
– Whole set of all props loading in one go

– Seat
– Chair
– Table
– Table Set
– Bar Props
– Hanging lamps
– Upward PIllars
– Door (with Morph)
– Windows
– Walls (all separate)

– Different light sets, invidual sets as well as full light preset

– Preset Dolly Cams

rem: Build for Poser, works in D/S with a few limitations (check read me)

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Product: Old House Exterior & Bloody Extension

Original Price: 10.60$  – Prime Flash Item 40% off until October 4th 15

Here comes your exterior set for the old house.
Including a Bloody Extension, this is the perfect fit
for any horror halloween stuff!

The house comes as a completly boned set, able to open/close windows,
doors etc. Garage can open through masterdial in body.

Easy pose for style setting and window open close included.

And as always: Lights, Full Scene preset, add on props etc.

Included in the set:


– House Set
– Fence


– Easy pose for Windows open and closing
– displace windows
– Mat Sets: Clean and Bloody


– Daylight set


– Plants Sets (LD and HD)
– Mailbox
– Groundplane

Rem.: Set is build for poser, renders ok in D/S (limitations check readme; if any)

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Product: Castle Corridor Construction Kit

Original Price: 12.99$

Welcome to your own castle!

With this new construction set, you will easily be able to design your own
castle set. Just exactly what you may need to build scenes or setups you
desire for your stories, games or simple renders.

The set is a full blown construction set to build corridors, rooms, halls etc.
Included are as well add on props, light sets and preassembled structures.

The versatility and easiness of this set will provide you thousands of possibilities
and you will probably never get bored using it!

Included in the set:

– Construction Multiprop (Main Item to assemble any sort of structure desired)
– Holder (for grouping)
– Pre-Assembled structures: Room, Hall, Hallway, Crossing and Pathway

– Easy Pose for the Multiprop for Walls, Ceilings and Corners
– Material Pose
– Pose for Halberd for M4

– Banner
– Candelabrum
– Carpet (Injected morphs for Curve, X Crossing, T Part, End Part and Straight)
– Halberds
– Halberd Smartprop for M4
– IBL helper prop
– Lanterns
– Pictures (1 and 2)
– Pillar
– Podest

– Sunlight
– Torch Light

Full Manual included.

Check out the Video Samples of the Walkthrough:

Rem.: Set is designed for Poser; will load in D/S with a few limitations. Check readme for more.

Extended License avaliable.

Product: Ship Elements X1: Alien Captivity Room

Original Price: 10.20$


Ready for a ship elements section of the other side?

We are starting a ship elements section of the Aliens as well. Consider
your enemies installations and let your heros explore the foreign parts
of the universe!

The X1 Set is an Alien Captivity Room with lots of options to be used.

Included in the set are:


– Alien Captivity Room X1 (All boned. All Wall parts are seperate boned items and can easily be hidden)
– Investigation Chair (Entirly boned)
– Tentacle (Smart boned with injected masterdials to swing, rotate and bend)

– Tentacle Tip 1 (Grabber)
– Tentacle Tip 2 (Simple)
– Tentacle Tip 3 (Eye)
– Door Prop (with morph to open)
– Middle Room Fixer for the Chair

– UP spots
– Down Spots
– Alternate Spots

– Athomsphere Mat

Complete Setup Scene included (for Poser)

Set is build to work as well with our Alien Room Corridor Construction Set!

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Remark: Build and tested in Poser. Loads good in D/S. Check Readme for details. Alien Figure not included!



Product: Halloween Smartprops

Original Price: 8.20$


Need to slay some vampires or hunt some undead evil?

Here come 11 handy props for your M4 and V4s, not just for Halloween!!

Included in the pack are the following Smartprops, all for M4 and V4
and the appropiate Hand poses:

– Axe
– Blade
– Bag (With Morhps to open)
– Book
– Lantern (with morph to Pose)
– Candlelighter Large
– Cabdlelighter Small
– Hammer
– Flok
– Silver Cross
– Spade

Enjoy the Hunting and dont miss our other Horror and Scifi Packages!!

Tested in Poser and D/S



Product: Medieval Smartprop Collection 1

Original Price: 9.50$


Its the little things that make your renders to come alive.
Here comes a set of medieval props and smartprops to awaken your
scenes and make them fuller.

Herewithin you get 10 items as props and smartprops for M4 and V4
including the corresponding handposes for M4 and V4.

You also receive two figures that come as boned items.

Included in the box:

Props and Smartprops (10 x Smartprops for M4 and V4, 10 x Non-Smartprops)

– Beer
– Broom
– Bucket
– Coins
– Meatpiece
– Scroll Open
– Scroll Closed
– Sack of Coins
– Winebottle (with morphs for wine and cork)
– Wineglass (with morphs for wine)

Corresponding handposes for the above
– 10 x M4
– 10 x V4

– Boned Barrel (to open)
– Boned Chest (to open)

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Remark: All items tested in Poser and D/S

THanks for using 3-D-C Products.



Product: Evil Sanctuary

Original Price: 12.90$


The quest of Evil continues.

Here comes another HQ Set of our Underworld Series: The Evil Sanctuary.
You need a place for your demons to rest? Something evil can hide away?
Or are you simply looking for a praying room for your adventureres?

The Evil Sanctuary comes out of the box with:

– Sanctuary   (All walls, doors, ceiling etc are boned and can individually moved or hidden away)
– Hemisphere
– Tomb 1 (Can Open, Skeleton included)
– Tomb 2 (Can open)
– IBL Helpers
– Torches

– Day/Night Preset pose for the hemisphere

– Altar
– Pentagram
– Outside Landscape

– Torch Lights
– Daylight

Additional Hemisphere Mats included.

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– Dungeon Construction Set
– Graveyard
– Underworld: Hell

More to come.

Remark: Item has been build for Poser. Loads in ok D/S with some particular differences in material settings and light output.



Product: Old House Upper Level and Attic

Original Price: 15.99$




Extending our Apocalyptic Series, here comes a new Set you will love to use.

OLD HOUSE II (The Upper Level)

Is a very versatile and complete set of an old apocalyptic houses Upper Level, worn and dirty
and just the right place to start your next stories!

The old house set II comes with a complete set of animate-able furnitures, detailed
textures and extreme versatility to use it.

All walls, doors or pieces on the base are boned items, so they can be moved or
disable and allow long focal lense shots. Furniture pieces have doors and bins
boned so they can open and swing. Other parts such as the curtains contain morphs
to open and close.

Light Sets and Cams included as well as a preset Scene.

Nothing holds you back now, so go for a next round of Horror and Apocalypse!!

Included in this set are:

Figure Items (boned):

– Upper Floor Rooms (One Figure, with all Doors etc Animatable)
– Attic (Boned Item)
– Attic Lamps
– Bath (Animatable Toilet, Bathtube and Sink)
– Cradle
– Cupboards ( 4 different )  with animatable doors etc
– Curtains (Animatable)
– Lamps for upper floor

– Attic Side Pose helpers
– Turn Windows (Attic) On/Off

– Bed
– Stand Lamp
– Fake Lower Walls (To cover lower floor)
– Stool

– All Lights
– Attic Lights
– Sun

– five Dolly Cam Presets

Check out the other Old House Sets linked below, which work perfectly with this set.

Usage Limitations: This set is designed for POSER but loads fine in D/S. Some light outputs
behave a little different in D/S. Hence we dont explicitly produce for D/S we havent rendered
samples in D/S but tested all stuff loading OK.

We also recommend to look at our “Flesh and Bones” Series which perfectly look nice
with this set.

Thanks for your support of our products.