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Product: Nice Places – VIP Pool Area by 3-D-C

Original Price: 10.95$



Its time for some sunning stunning enjoyment!

Here is our Nice Places – VIP Pool Area!

Enjoy some time at the Pool with this set.
Complete Area boned into one item. Easy to use and build
with sense to detail.

Included in the set:

– Pool Area (Complete Set); including IBL Helpers
– Sun Lounger
– Umbrella
– Hemisphere
– Pose presets for the Hemisphere (Night and Day)
– Pose presets for the IBL Helpers
– Daylight
– Nightlight
– 10 V4 Poses
– 4 M4 Poses
– Dolly Cam presets

An easy start for some really enjoyable times!

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Rem.: Build for Poser, loads OK in D/S..

Product: Nice Places – Home Sweet Home by 3-D-C

Original Price: 6.80$


“Render it Nicely!”
Often i stumbled acrioss when i wanted to render something closeup, the surroundings where
lacking detail. Herewith you get the first set of a series that is made to detail and
allows you nice close up shots with stunning detail.

The focus on these sets is the detail and ability to render far and close.
They are not build for building large houses or greater surroundings but made for

Get your nice render out of the box!

As usual, we have included light sets and cameras, add on props and background sets. A full manual is included as well. Whereelse do you get this quality for this price? So grab your home sweet home renders now!!

Content of this set:
The room set in a boned figure
Fire for Fireplace
Mediterain Veranda
Modern Veranda
Day Set
Night Set 1
Night Set 2
Fire for Fireplace
5 Dolly Cam Sets
City Scape

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