Product: Ship Elements A6: Medical Science

Original Price: 13.99$


Ever wondered where to put all the foreign species that you found during your journeys?

Have a need to invesigate their nature?

Here comes Part 6 of our Ship Elements Series:

A6 – Medical Science

The room is a boned figure containing four cells with slide biers to lay
down your subjects and securly lock them away.
In the end of the room you have a space for the investigation. The Investigation
table that comes with this set is fully boned and allows you to bend your subject to the

The set is optimized for use with IDL (Indirect Lightning). All illuminating objects such as
ceiling and side lights and computer panels have a illuminator as a boned item. You can disable
those if you dont want to use IDL.

Included in the set are poses, props, lights and cameras to let you start right away.

Out of the box you receive:

– Ship Elements A6 room with masterdials for doors, trays, slides
– Ship Elements A6 Investigation Table with masterdials for bending, swing and open/close of leather strips

– 32 Poses for M4/V4
– Room Pose illuminator sets

– Chair
– Table Papers
– Microscope

– Light Sets for Ceiling
– Light Sets for Side Lights
– Light Sets for Cell Lights
– Disable all lights for IDL

– 10 preset Dolly Cams

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Also check our large freebie Section for more add on stuff!

Item has been designed and fully tested in Poser. Will work in D/S with few limitations such as materials might look a bit different.

Thanks for choosing 3-d-c Products



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