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Product: Cherokee Spacecraft


Original Price: 9.10 US$

Our Armada Series continues!

Herewith you receive the incredible Cherokee spacecraft.
The Cherokee has been build to deliver a maximum agile and speedy spacefighter
to our troops at Mayn during the first war with the Hark.

Anyhow, the figher comes as a boned figure with animateable canope, landing gear
and several other moveable parts to give you proper handy fighter. Included
are a red and blue color option and we are working on add on mat-sets too.

Included in the set:

– Cherokee Fighter (boned character set)
– Pose option for Blue and Red Mat Set; additional nose art edition “Tomahawk Queen”
– Sit Pose for M4/V4 (works with Gen2 etc at most)

Enjoy this set and check out our other items in the store and our big freebie gallery.

rem.: this is a poser designed set. It will load OK in D/S with some limitations (check readme).



Product: Alienfleets: Shloms BattleCruiser Fregatte


Original Price:  7.00 US$ Prime: 3.50US$

Welcome to our Alienfleets Series.

This series of Alien Ships is design to give you a set of non-Human spacecrafts
to build your broader universe.

This Set will bring you a heavy battle cruiser of the Shloms Federation:

The Fregatte (Frigate) build by the Shloms Federation is a organic grown ship.
Like all ships of the Shloms, this is a living organism, build and designed
to operate heavy battle operation. It can host up to 30 crew members and 20
smaller attack/assault ships.

Technical details in the previews.

In this set:

– Fregatte Cruiser as boned/rigged item
Morphs to – Open Main Gate
– Bend whole ship
– Open lower gate
– Contract inner 1/2

– Mat Sets
– Body Ensign
– Body Plain
– Sides Veins
– Sides Veins Red
– Sides Plain
– Sides Triangles
– Sides Lines

Item is build for Poser, Works OK in D/S

Thanks for using our sets and look out for more items coming up.


Product: Rapita Spacecraft


Original Price: 13.99 US$

Rapita 3GT Spacecraft

this spacecraft, that was supposed to be used as a multipurpose tool
will give you plenty of ways to use it in your storyboards.

Build with detail but also under the circumstance of memory saving, the Rapita
will work as a wonderful privateer ship or as a heavy bomber. Whatever you desire.

The middle container is supposed to be the loading area which can be detached from the ship.

Lots of parts are build to be animated:

– Gear is separated from Ship; every landing feet can animate toes, buffers and feet angle
– Main Propeller can rotate
– Wings can separatly rotate
– Energy at wings can be hidden
– retract main door and ladder
– Engine housing can open
– Container Clutch can open
– Container door can open

Included are two texture options: One Clean, one badly used (thats what happens if you think
you can cross a meteor shower, right?)

We hope you get fun with this new ship of our Armada Series and check out our other ships

Rem: Product is build for Poser. Loads OK in D/S with a few limitations. Check ReadMe for more information.

Check out our great freebie area for more additions and extras to this set.

Credits for the Noseart go to Daddyo3d


Product: HeroShip Hull

Original Price: 13.10$


Long awaited, here it is: The HeroShip Outer Hull.

As a completion to the interior series, we herewith bring you the
full outer set of the heroship.

Build from Grespo Motor Systems in the Mandis System, the Aconda ZT11
has as well been called “Miss Molly”, on of the most common private Ships
out there in the outer territories.

The Ship has been build to deliver most flexibility. It can host up to
three crew members and carry load of apprx. 10 tons of weight.

Included In the pack:

– HeroShip Figure including Masterdials for Poser:
– Open/Close front Flaps
– Open/Close rear Flaps
– Retract Front Gear
– Retract Back Gear
– Turn Props
– Open Front Door
– Open Back Door
– Open/Close Engine Flaps
– Turn Laser Turret

– Preset Pose (For D/S)
– Close Flaps
– Retract Gears

– Preset Mats
– Dirty Used Look
– Clean Look

– Preset Light Set

Product is designed for Poser.
Limitations with D/S: please check readme for information.
– A free D/S Mat Preset is avaliable through our freebie sets.

Check out the HeroShip Interior Sets:

– HeroShip Bridge
– HeroShip Quarters
– HeroShip Engine Room

Thanks for using our sets and check out our large freebie area for more stuff!

Link to DS Material File



Product: XBOW Spacecraft


Original Price: 9.10 US$  PRIME: 3.50 US$

Attention! Attention!

Align with the squadron, soldier!

Here is the second spacecraft of our Armada Series: the XBow.

The XBow was once assembled by 3DC Industries as a military, one man spacecraft, build to be hosted majorly on carriers for short range attacks. Meanwhile, the XBOW has made it to become widely spread for loads of others usage, even as a private ship.
Additionally equipped with jump drives, the XBOW may even be used as a small cargo ship.

We have added lots of moveable parts to this ship to allow it to be used in animations:

– Open Laser Hatches
– Retract/Deploy Guns
– Open Canope
– Engine Thrusters can be moved
– Open/Close front and rear flaps
– Deploy landing gear

The Inner Cockpit is separated to bones so you can ie disable the HUD etc.

Check out the detail pages.

Please also visit our large freebie area for add on stuff.

Rem.: Build for Poser, works in D/S. See readme for limitations

Product: Kersha Spacecraft


Original Price: 12.20 US$

This is the Kersha, the first Ship of our SpaceCraft Series.
The Kersha had been called the “Space Cow”. Its an allrounder, a ship thats been used for all sort of stuff: Hunting, Transporting, Exploration…

The Ship comes as a whole Unit. The gear, flaps doors and closings are animate-able.

Additional texture for removing the decals included.
Landing gear is separated frum hull, so you can use the hull only (saving memory).

Ship has been build under the aspect of poly count. Most details are build through the texture.
Included in the pack:

– Kersha (hull only)
– Landing Gear
– Complete Set

– Fire decals
– No decals

For an animated preview of the Gear and Flaps check out this link:

Thanks for using our sets.

Build for Poser, loads OK in D/S. (see readme for limitations)


Eng-Thrust-Exp tn

Product: Alien Spaceship I by 3-D-C

Original Price: 7.20$


During the first War, the Hark One Man Fighter brought a lot of destruction to the humanoid race.
Meanwhile the Hark have concentrated on other vehicle researches, however, the one man fighter is still one of the backbone crafts of the Hark Race.

Out of the box this package contains:

– One Man Fighter Figure
– Poses for D/S and Poser 7 downward to eject the Gear, Flaps and Backdoor
– Poser 8 up can use the bodydials to animate the Landing Gear, Flaps and backdoor

Textures are made for close up rendering.

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