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Product: Ship Elements F3 – Alien Ambassador Suite


Original Price: 11.30$  ; 7US$ for prime members   Untitled-1


Here comes our newest F-Sector Suite part: The Alien Ambassador Suite.
Essentially, this is supposed to service your foreign affairs alien ambassadors
to have a suiteble room for their negotiations with other races. The room is build
to demonstrate a non-typical human look-a-like.

As usual, the set comes with additional props, Cams, lights and MatSets to give
you maximum versatility. Two preset scenes are included.

Content of the pack:

– Room Set with all walls and parts boned so you can disable the walls for long focal lense shorts

– Furniture props:
– Chair
– Couch
– Table
– Lights Stand
– Flags
– Dummy Corridor (to mount to front)

– MatSet poses for the room to alter look from plain to used/worn/rusted
– 15 different poses for V4/M4 to pose on the furniture

– 6 different light set to assemble together

– 4 different preset Cams Sets

Preset Scenes:
– 2 Scenes preset fully

Rem.: this set is build for Poser, loads OK in D/S with a few limitations (check readme). Most V4/M4 poses work mostly ok for Gen2/3 figures.

Please take your time to look at our other ship elements series, our big store and freebie area!

Product: Ship Elements F1 – Luxury Lounge

Original Price: 11.90$Untitled-1



Welcome to our Ship Elements Sector F.

This part of the series is giving you an area of SciFi Luxury. We are talking about the executive high level floors, those, which the ordinary folks wont be able to walk.
In this set you receive a walkway and living area including a bigger room supposed to serve as a sleeping area (but open to your ideas).
We have included preset structures to help you getting started.

All structure items have boned walls and cores to let you disable the various items for long focal lense shots.

As usual, preset scenes, lights, props etc included.

Included in this set:

– Segment 1
– Segment 1 (with Door)
– Segment 1 (with Door / Alternate)
– Segment 2
– Segment 3
– Segment 4
– Segment 5 (with Door) left
– Segment 5 (with Door) right
– Holder
– Preset Structure A through D

– SciFi Furniture: Seat 03
– SciFi Furniture: Bed
– SciFi Furniture: Shelf Bed Side Left and Right
– SciFi Furniture: Shelf Window
– SciFi Furniture: Lighter Big
– SciFi Furniture: Lighter Small
– Flags for P2/P3/P4
– Deco Props 1 to 3
– Walkway Outside Straight, Curve, End

– Pose 01 & 02 for Seat for M4
– Pose 01 & 02 for Seat for V4-

– Sunlight
– Headlight

– Scenes 01 to 04

We hope you enjoy working with this. Check out our other stuff and our great freebie area!

Remark: This is a Poser Product designed for S/M Poser. It will load OK in D/S, but some items behave differently. Check readme for further details.

Product: Insane Asylum 3: Exterior


Original Price: 11.90$


Here comes your exterior set to the Insane Asylum.

This set delivers you the full outside of the asylum, including
the large house and the smaller administration office. Including
the mainplane, a full surrounding fence with openable gates, plants
and trees, lamps and cables.

Included as well are full day and night lights as well as three
different style sets.

Full Scene Preset included.

Set Package:


– Fence (with openable gate)
– House 1 (openable door)
– House 2 (openable door)

– 3 different Styles for the houses

– Cables
– Lamps
– Mainplane
– Plants (low Poly)
– PLants (high Poly)

– Daylight
– Nightlight Set

Full Scene included

– This is the exterior set. For the interior please check the below linked product
– This product is designed for Poser, it loads OK in D/S with a few limitations (check readme)

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Product: Castle Corridor Construction Kit

Original Price: 12.99$


Welcome to your own castle!

With this new construction set, you will easily be able to design your own
castle set. Just exactly what you may need to build scenes or setups you
desire for your stories, games or simple renders.

The set is a full blown construction set to build corridors, rooms, halls etc.
Included are as well add on props, light sets and preassembled structures.

The versatility and easiness of this set will provide you thousands of possibilities
and you will probably never get bored using it!

Included in the set:

– Construction Multiprop (Main Item to assemble any sort of structure desired)
– Holder (for grouping)
– Pre-Assembled structures: Room, Hall, Hallway, Crossing and Pathway

– Easy Pose for the Multiprop for Walls, Ceilings and Corners
– Material Pose
– Pose for Halberd for M4

– Banner
– Candelabrum
– Carpet (Injected morphs for Curve, X Crossing, T Part, End Part and Straight)
– Halberds
– Halberd Smartprop for M4
– IBL helper prop
– Lanterns
– Pictures (1 and 2)
– Pillar
– Podest

– Sunlight
– Torch Light

Full Manual included.

Check out the Video Samples of the Walkthrough:

Rem.: Set is designed for Poser; will load in D/S with a few limitations. Check readme for more.

Extended License avaliable.

Product: Insane Asylum 2: Furniture and Props


Original Price: 8.60$ ; PRIME: 3.50 US$


Here is a versatile pack of furniture and props for your asylum.
Or actually for any sort of ruin/apocalyptic scene.

Figure/Boned Items can open trays, open doors etc.

Included in the pack:


– Board 1 (Can open doors and trays)
– Board 2 (can open doors)
– Sideboard (can open doors and trays)
– Separator (3-part boned)

– Metal-Bed
– Old Matrace
– Infusion Holder
– Stool
– Table
– Wheelchair

Check out our large freebie areas for more stuff

rem.: Designed for Poser, works in D/S

Product: Insane Asylum 1: Corridor/Room Construction Set


Original Price: 11.45$

Untitled-1 http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/insane-asylum-1-corridor-room-construction-set/106702/

Welcome to the Insane Asylum.

Herewith we start another light series of a run down Environment.
The Insane Asylum 1 is a corridor and room construction set of very versatile options:

With the given X, T, Curve and Straight Parts you can actually build very complex corridor
sets, rooms or halls. All Parts are boned and walls have the option to be door, window or
straight parts. You can simply alter a wall by applying a different pose. No need to re-assemble.

Preset Sets included as well as add on stuff and Light Sets.

Included in this set:


– Corridor X Part
– Corridor T Part
– Corridor Straight Part
– Corridor Curve Part
– Corridor End Part
– Corridor set : Corridor
– Corridor set : Medium room
– Corridor set : Small room


– Preset poses for the walls


– Daylight Preset
– Lamp Light Preset


– Sink (With Mirror moprh injected)
– Toilet
– Bed
– Paper Waste
– Ceiling Lamp


– Athmosphere

Build in Texture lines with our Industrial Multi Room so they fit in style.

Rem.: Build for Poser, loads OK in D/S

Thanks for using our sets and check out our large freebie area for more stuff!!

Product: CyberCorridor

Original Price: 10.49$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/cybercorridor/99530

Somewhere far away in a future we cant image yet …”

So may the story begin. Here comes a corridor set for any fancy future story you have in your mind.

The set is an assembly of the typical parts of rooms and corridors so you can easily assemble a full set for your scenes.

Out of the box this set contains:

– Corner Piece
– Door Part (Moveable)
– Straight Part
– T-Set
– X-Set

– Mat and Room Poses

– 3 Preset Materials (Add on Materials as freebies)

– Computer Console
– Data Stream

– Ambience Diffuse
– Ambience Infinite
– Full Set
– Point Upper
– Spot Upper

Designed for Poser, works in D/S with a few limitations (check readme file).

Thanks for using our products and watch out for more stuff and freebies!


Product: Ship Elements A2 by 3-D-C

Original Price: 14.95$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/ship-elements-a2-by-3-d-c/94793

“… the power of size …”

“Alert, the station is running out of power! Someone needs
to get down there and reinitialize the core!”

With the Ship Element Series, we are kicking of a new set of SciFi products for those who want to create another piece of their world…
This set gives you a MASSIVE room, large in size and big enough to park a ship in there. It comes as one set of a figure boned with over 30 items. Each wall section, doors, walkways etc are separated as bones. Simply disable their visability to make long focal length shots.

The product comes with lights for Poser, poses for M4 and V4 and preset camera sets.

It has also been optimized to use indirect lightning. Illuminators are setup as separate items and can be hidden or changed separatly.

Manual included.

Content of this set:

– A2 main room (Door Masterdials for Poser, Boned walls, walkways, floor)
– Reactor Core A and B
– Panels

– Room Poses (4)
– Poses for M4 and V4 (8 each)

– Light sets for non IBL (5)
– Helper when using IDL only (1)

Check our website for more free poses and sets.

Also check the freebies avaliable from 3-D-C that will give you loads of poses and props that work perfect with this set.

Check my Freebie section on Renderosity

Note: This is the equipment set! V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included. Check my freebie section on my website for more add ons

Best results achieved with Poser 8 up with Indirect Lightning.
Limitations in D/S: Due to size of room, we highly recommend D/S 4.
We tested loading all items in D/S4. Light output is different.



Product: Ship Elements A1 by 3-D-C

Original Price: 10.99$Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/ship-elements-a1-by-3-d-c/94120


Here comes the first set of our Elements series.
Ship elements will provide you a versatile environment set to assemble and render realistic sci-fi scenes.

The module comes as a one piece figure with over 120 bones. Each bone is a piece of the segment to allow bits and pieces to be replaced, rearranged and enabled or disabled for better rendering options.

Easy to use and very flexible in its handling. The module comes with four preset light sets, 20 easy pose room poses, smartprops for V4 and M4 and preset cameras to give your scifi scenes an immidiate point to start from.

Textures are made as realistic as possible to allow close up shots.

Out of Box, this set includes:
– Main Segement Figure
– 4 Preset Lights
– 4 Preset Cams
– 20 Room Poses for disabling/enabling the walls
– 2 Poses for M4 and V4
– Smartprops for M4 and V4
– 3 Preset Athmospheres
– Manual

Check our website and our freebie section here to get more stuff like this and add ons.

Product is designed for Poser.
Limitations in D/S: Masterdials for the doors wouldnt work as in Poser, Slight Material differences, light output.

Remark: V4/M4, Clothing, Hair not included..

Product: Seaworld Corridor-Room Construction Set

Original Price: 13.65$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/seaworld-corridor-room-construction-set/91106

“Somewhere hidden in the deep blue abyss….”
This is the planet of R-Kealo. Long time ago, this was
a human outpost. Now it is an abandoned place… Probably
the place for your story to begin. Welcome to Seaworld!

This is a versatile construction set of an undersea world. But however, it doesnt need to be undersea. Could be an older starship? Or a pipe city? Or anything you can imagine it to be.
This set comes as a construction set to allow you to build any sort of room, corridor or larger hall you need for your storys, pictures, games, etc. Its build in a way for easy assembly. No hustly when you want to change a wall to be a window wall, or a hatch, etc. Simply load the easy pose and the wall will change.
Lightsets, Helper System and easy pose sets included.
Manual included.

Content of this set:

– T-Part Construction Set
– X-Part Construction Set
– Straight-Part Construction Set
– Curve-Part Construction Set
– Middle Pipes
– Posters
– Hatch/Door Part
– Background Hemisphere

– Adoption Poses for all sets above

– Light Helper
– Barrel

– Full Set, parented to Helper System
– Full Set
– Ambience
– Single Light

Also check the freebies avaliable from 3-D-C that will give you loads of poses and props that work perfect with this set.

Note: This is the equipment set! V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included.

Best results achieved with Poser 8 up with Indirect Lightning.
Limitations in D/S: All items load fine, Material Shaders of some items look different.
Masterdial in Woodbank wont work but can be moved manually.
Light output different..