Product: Cherokee Spacecraft


Original Price: 9.10 US$

Our Armada Series continues!

Herewith you receive the incredible Cherokee spacecraft.
The Cherokee has been build to deliver a maximum agile and speedy spacefighter
to our troops at Mayn during the first war with the Hark.

Anyhow, the figher comes as a boned figure with animateable canope, landing gear
and several other moveable parts to give you proper handy fighter. Included
are a red and blue color option and we are working on add on mat-sets too.

Included in the set:

– Cherokee Fighter (boned character set)
– Pose option for Blue and Red Mat Set; additional nose art edition “Tomahawk Queen”
– Sit Pose for M4/V4 (works with Gen2 etc at most)

Enjoy this set and check out our other items in the store and our big freebie gallery.

rem.: this is a poser designed set. It will load OK in D/S with some limitations (check readme).



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