Product: Swimming Hall Part 3 – Swimming Hall


Original Price: 13.99$—swimming-hall/121858/

Here comes the long awaited part 3 of our swimming hall series, bringing
you the final Swimming Hall.

As the other parts, the hall is an assembly of all props assembled to one room.
All items can be loaded individually or as a whole set.

The set is build to be able to mount to the showers.

Included in this set:

– Hemisphere Figure (for IBL rendering)

– Walls (1-8)
– Doors
– Sun Downer (incl Morph)
– Floor (incl. Morph)
– Plants, Palm trees
– Outside Plane
– Lamps
– Decoration Props
– Water Plan (note: under D/S you may want to look up a D/S Water Shader)
– Full Assembled room
– Holder Prop
– 3 Towels

– Sunlight
– TopLights

– 5 Dolly Cams

Full Preset Scene included.

rem.: This item is designed for Poser but works / loads OK under D/S with a few limitations (check read me)

Thanks for using our sets and check out our great freebie area.

We are currently producing a freebie Pose Set for this item.



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