Product: Ship Elements A1 by 3-D-C

Original Price: 10.99$Untitled-1


Here comes the first set of our Elements series.
Ship elements will provide you a versatile environment set to assemble and render realistic sci-fi scenes.

The module comes as a one piece figure with over 120 bones. Each bone is a piece of the segment to allow bits and pieces to be replaced, rearranged and enabled or disabled for better rendering options.

Easy to use and very flexible in its handling. The module comes with four preset light sets, 20 easy pose room poses, smartprops for V4 and M4 and preset cameras to give your scifi scenes an immidiate point to start from.

Textures are made as realistic as possible to allow close up shots.

Out of Box, this set includes:
– Main Segement Figure
– 4 Preset Lights
– 4 Preset Cams
– 20 Room Poses for disabling/enabling the walls
– 2 Poses for M4 and V4
– Smartprops for M4 and V4
– 3 Preset Athmospheres
– Manual

Check our website and our freebie section here to get more stuff like this and add ons.

Product is designed for Poser.
Limitations in D/S: Masterdials for the doors wouldnt work as in Poser, Slight Material differences, light output.

Remark: V4/M4, Clothing, Hair not included..

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