Product: Flesh and Bones 3

Original Price: 9.20$


More Flesh more blood and gore!

Here comes our third set of “Flesh and Bones” : Blood and Gore.
Inspired by all these walking undead out there, in need of something
to feed them with. Here is our sets of props that helps you building your
Zombie Scenes.

Included in this set:

– Props:
– Smartpropped Flesh piece for M4 mouth
– Smartpropped Flesh piece for V4 mouth
– Smartpropped Brain to hold in M4s Hands
– Smartpropped Brain to hold in V4s Hands
– Smartpropped Guts V4 is eating
– Smartpropped Guts M4 is eating
– Gore Prop 1
– Gore Prop 2
– Torax 4
– Torax 5
– Skull with leaking eye
– rotten leg
– Blood Plane (Mesh)

– Poses
– Poses for M4 eating Brain
– Poses for V4 eating Brain
– Poses for M4 eating Guts
– Poses for V4 eating Guts

– Expressions
– Expression M4 Eating
– Expression V4 Eating

Props are easy to load and use, just place them in your scene. Done.

In line with our other sets of the F&B series, this is a very comprehensive
Package. Dont miss it!!

THanks for using our sets and check out our other packages in the store.




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