Product: SciFi City Roof Top Level

Original Price: 11.45$


Welcome to our new product Line:

The SCIFI City Construction Sets!

The third set of this series will bring you up into the sky!
The Roof Top Level is a roof top of a large building (including the upper
levels of this building) with a parking space, landing bay and a sky cafe.
Likewise what you would usualy expect up in the sky of our future cities, right?

The building is an assembly of PROPs grouped under one source figure, to make it
easy to move it around etc. You can also load the parts as standalone, multiply them
etc. Very easy and versatile to use.

It works lovely together with the other sets of this series. Checking the sample renders
you will see the City Construction Base Pack 1 to model the backgrounds.

Included in the first package is :

– Roof Top Level Building as a grouped core figure

– All building parts as separate props:
– Main
– Side
– Lamps
– Advertisements 1-8 (separate)
– Windows
– Corner Parts
– Middle Parts
– Skybar House
– Docking Bays
– Fuel Station

– Spotlights up
– Lamps down
– SkyCafe Advert lights

Remark: Ships, People, Clothing and boxes are not included in this set!

There is far more to come on this product line. Stay tuned!!

THis set is build for Poser 7 up. Best results in Poser 8 up.

Limitations for D/S Users: The Set loads OK in D/S.
Some Cams and Lights render slightly differently as in the sample Renders
with Poser.

Check our large freebie section here or under our website.

THanks for using our sets.




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