Product: Tanning Salon

Original Price: 9.50$


“The Sun is On!”

OK, summer is comming, have your V4’s got the right tan for the sun? Here is your ultimate tanning studio to get the sun on your V4’s body! This environment set comes completely with poses, lights, props and cams, everything you need to get it on…
All wall items of this environement set are build upon boned figures, so every wall can be disabled and therewith allow long focal lense shots, regardless in which part of the room you do your shots. Even the wooden cabins are boned, so you can easily enable and disable parts of it.

The solariums (sub banks) come with grouped light sets so you can even render fine in pre-8-poser versions.
Out of the box, this set contains

– Main walls (Left, Right, Back, Front, Ceiling, Floor and Middle wall)
– grouped Props to the walls : Blinds (openable through morphs), Posters
– Cabin 1 to 3, all boned and openable doors
– Solarium 1 and 2 (for lying down)
– Solarium 3 a sitting up-body tanner
– Seat and table sets (two)
– The toilet set with openable toilets, doors and boned walls

– Banks for the tanning cabins (1-3)
– The front desk
– The stool for the front desk
– a fake outside wall
– Two Plants
– Single items for the wall blinds and posters

(Lights are designed and tested in poser 2010 / 8  but work in Poser 7 down as well)
– Main Sunlight
– Ceiling Spots
– Wall Spots for all Walls (Separate)
– Solarium Lights

– Nine essential poses for V4 (for this set) check my freebies for more free poses

– five camera sets

The Entire set is build for external use as well. Check my freebies for additional items such as the streets etc.

Enjoy your sun and get the right tan before the beach season!



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