Product: Boutique/Shop by 3-D-C

Original Price: 9.10$


(Please check the vendor editoral for an illustrated description)

Lets go Shoppin’!

Have you ever wondered where V4 gets all her clothes from?

Here it comes:

The Boutique…

This Set is a modular set of the boutique and the props assigned. A Puppet for V4 is also included (you need at least V4 base for it, avaliable from the DAZ website). Cover and Cloth your Favorite V4 with the dresses you like….

This set is complete with lights, poses, props, cameras and all you need. You will not find any package so complete for such a little price.

Get your shop now!

(Rem.: Clothing shown in sample renders is not included in this package. You can cloth any V4 wearing to the Puppet)

Out of the box this Set contains:


– Main Room, with boned walls, all wall props preloaded and assigned to the walls
– A Mirror (can swing)

– 14 Poses for V4, all special to this set
– Mat Pose and relax Pose for the V4 Puppet (check instructions how to use the puppet)


– The Puppet Prop (Stand for the V4 Puppet)
– Cabin 1 and 2 , both contain morphs to open and close the curtain
– Cashier Desk with Cashier
– Cothing Stand
– Curtain for the Backwall
– Desk Lamp
– Office Desk
– PC for the Desk (with Morphs to move around)
– Musicboxes
– Office Chair
– Sign for the Outer Wall
– Posters for the Walls (Come preloaded)
– Posterstand for the front walls
– Racks for the Office with Binders
– Rummage Table
– Shelf 1 – 5 with fillments
– Stools for the cabins
– A fake upper wall for outside rendersd (comes preloaded as well)


– 7 Lights for this set (Day. Night, Ambient, Inside Main and Office, Spots etc)


– 8 Cameras for this set


– A plastic bag smartprop for V4
– A handpose for the plastic bag

We Constantly add value through freebies. Check our website and our store for more sets and items
that work perfectly with this set.

Note: This is the equipment set! Cars, V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included.

Check our Store for more stuff.

.. le’me guess, you are still undecided …?
Pick this up, NOW!

Manual included.



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