Product: HeroShip Hull

Original Price: 13.10$


Long awaited, here it is: The HeroShip Outer Hull.

As a completion to the interior series, we herewith bring you the
full outer set of the heroship.

Build from Grespo Motor Systems in the Mandis System, the Aconda ZT11
has as well been called “Miss Molly”, on of the most common private Ships
out there in the outer territories.

The Ship has been build to deliver most flexibility. It can host up to
three crew members and carry load of apprx. 10 tons of weight.

Included In the pack:

– HeroShip Figure including Masterdials for Poser:
– Open/Close front Flaps
– Open/Close rear Flaps
– Retract Front Gear
– Retract Back Gear
– Turn Props
– Open Front Door
– Open Back Door
– Open/Close Engine Flaps
– Turn Laser Turret

– Preset Pose (For D/S)
– Close Flaps
– Retract Gears

– Preset Mats
– Dirty Used Look
– Clean Look

– Preset Light Set

Product is designed for Poser.
Limitations with D/S: please check readme for information.
– A free D/S Mat Preset is avaliable through our freebie sets.

Check out the HeroShip Interior Sets:

– HeroShip Bridge
– HeroShip Quarters
– HeroShip Engine Room

Thanks for using our sets and check out our large freebie area for more stuff!

Link to DS Material File



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