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Product: Swimming Hall Part 2 – Toilets and Showers


Original Price: 10.20$


Herewith you get part 12of our Swimming Hall Series.

Part 2 will bring you the Toilets and Showers (for men and woman).

All items are props assembled together. We have listen to your input and have moved away from figure based ridged items but instead use prop-group items.

Included in the Pack:

– Full Assembled Mens Toilet and Showers
– Full Assembled Womens Toilet and Showers
– Toilet Cabinets for Mens Room
– Toilet Cabinets for Womens Room
– toilet
– Mens Toilet Walls
– Womans Toilet Walls

Single Props:
– All Single props (26 items)
– All Walls for mens and womans room separatly

Common props:
– three different towels

– Full Set for Mens room
– Full Set for womans room

– Six different Dolly Cams

Extra Materials for the towels included.
(No Figures or clothing included!)

Check out the big freebie area for additional stuff and add ons.

rem.: Item has been designed for Poser, works in D/S with a few limitations. Check read me for more information.

Thanks for using our sets.