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Product: Apocalyptic Strip Club for IMR by 3-D-C


Original Price: 9.55 US$  Prime: 3.50 US$

Untitled-1 http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/apocalyptic-strip-club-for-imr-by-3-d-c/106380/

Here comes a nice add on set for the INdustrial Multi Room.

Even though it is build to be an expansion, all items work on their own.

This expansion set will transform your Industrial Multi Room into a run-down strip club, ready for entertainment in any post apocalyptic stories or just for nice renders as you like.

Included in the set:


– Preset Full Add on Scene including all props at the right places
– Holder prop
– Cage with open-able door
– Preset Seat sets
– Bar Set
– Ceiling Lamps
– Table toppings


– Bar Stool
– Entrance Curtains
– Stage Curtains
– Dancing Stage with hide-able pole
– Music Boxes
– Seat
– Sofa
– Wall Sign 1
– Wall Sign 2
– Stage Lights
– Table 1
– Table 2

– Bar Lights
– Stage Lights Up
– Stage Lights Down
– Ceiling Lamps
– Cage Lights

– Smoky Room Atmosphere

– Industrial Room Mat/Preset Pose
– Poster Mat preset

Thanks for using our sets and stay tuned for more add on stuff to this and our other series.
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Rem.: This set is build for poser. All items load OK in D/S. Check read me for potential limitations.