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Product: Rubble and Stuff



Original Price:  9.20$; 4.60$ for Prime


Details are what make the difference to an image, right?

Often missing the groundcovering stuff?
Here comes a set of rubble and stuff that will help you to complement your images with a set of groundcovering elements:

– Dirt (Morphable Plane to add or remove layers of dirt)
– Rubble (Several Plane sizes and density of rubble)
– Bolts and Screws (Several Plane sizes and density of rubble)
– Papers (Several Plane sizes and density of rubble)
– Leaves (Several Plane sizes and density of rubble)
– Chains (several types)
– Bucket (intact)
– Bucket (Broken)
– Pipes (straight, curve)
– Woodscrap

Even though it sounds simple, those details make a difference to reality in your scenes. Ground is never plain and clean.
Check the samples to get a better impression.

Rem: Build for Poser, works in D/S; check readme for more.


Product: Debris and Trash

Original Price: 8.50$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/debris-and-trash/99812


You need some stuff to fill your apocalyptic sceneries?
Here come 12 very useful Debris packs which you can easily drop
into your scenes to fill them with rubbish and trash.

– Mix of tiles, stones and wood
– Stones and Tiles
– Wood Stuff
– rotten cloth
– Stones, bricks and pipes
– dirt and stones
– broken glas and bottles
– pipes and heaters
– rotten matrace
– crates and cans
– cables, switches and sockets
– gutters and screws

Very easy to handle, but its that simple stuff that bring live and reality
to your scenes.

Check out our other products and more add ons through our large freebie area.

Product is designed for Poser, but works in D/S without problems.

Thanks for using our products..

Product: Scrap and Waste

Original Price: 8.50$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scrap-and-waste/95695

Here is a scene filler pack that you definitly need:
The scrap and waste pack of our Ship elements series delivers you

– 7 Scrap packs of metal and technology scrap
– 2 different floor waste elements
– two different from ceiling hanging cables
– floor cablings
– two different metal barrels
– box full of scrap
– Scrap box as smartprop for M4 and V4 (incl Poses)
– two materials for the barrels

This set is a standalone package. However, it greatly complements the SHIP ELEMENTS setsm avaliable here in the Store:

– A1 – Corridor Set
– A2 – Reactor Set
– A3 – Cryo Tanks

Build for Poser, loads ok in D/S.

Have fun and check out the other sets in our store.