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Product: Industrial Punk Rock by 3-D-C

Original Price: 7.20$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/industrial-punk-rock-by-3-d-c/85341


rock the house!

Every Story needs it Rockband, right? So, here comes a set with all you need to rock the house! In junction with the industrial room (avaliable here in the marketplace and as a reduced price bundle pack) you will have a full blown set to make every punk rock, industrial scene or scifi story a rock-legend!

This set gives you an excellent set of stuff for little money. All items you need are included:

– The DrumKit as a boned figure. You can move every part of the kit.
– The Spotlights as boned figure. (It loads perfectly on the Industrial Rooms Ceilings)

– A Background Flag (Two Mats and Template included)
– The Keyboard
– A Standalone Microphone
– A Stage
– A large loudspeaker
– A monitor Speaker

– Drumsticks for M4 (Smartpropped)
– Guitar for M4 (Smartpropped)
– Microphone for M4 (Smartpropped)
– Drumsticks for V4 (Smartpropped)
– Guitar for V4 (Smartpropped)
– Microphone for V4 (Smartpropped)
– Microphone with Stand for V4 (Smartpropped)

– Spotlight Lights Colored (Parented to the Spots)
– Spotlights White (Parented to the Spots)

– Full Figure Poses:
– M4 Drums, M4 Drumsticks, M4 Guitar Pose 1 – 4, M4 Hold Mic, M4 Keyboard, M4 Sing
– V4 Drums, V4 Drumsticks, V4 Guitar 1 – 2, V4 Keyboard, V4 Sing 1 – 4
– Half Poses:
– Arm Poses for M4 (7) and V4 (7)
– Mat Poses:
– 4 Mat Sets for the Drum Kit
– 4 Mat Sets for the Guitar

– A set of a foggy Athmosphere
– Two Mats for the Background Flag

– Four Expressions for M4
– Four Expressions for V4

This set works best with the Industrial Room. The bundle is avaliable for a reduced price.

There are much more freebies avaliable that work perfekt with this set!!
Check my Freebie section on Renderosity

Remark: This is a set of instruments, poses, expressions. The environement and V4/M4 figures or Clothes shown in the renders are not included. This is a Poser designed product. Items may load in DAZ but lights behave different as shown in the sample renders..