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Product: Photostudio by 3-D-C

Original Price: 11.50$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/photostudio-by-3-d-c/76519Ever wanted to learn how photographers work
in a studio? Here is your ultimate way to do it!

The Photostudio by 3-D-C is a modular build room set of an amateur photo studio. But it is not only the interieur… this is really a learning center. It works like a real photostudio…:

Load your flashes, attach extensions such as softboxes or spots to it, then load out of 32 lights for the flashes and assemble a proffessional photoshoot!

The Light system comes with 4 different intensitives for each extension. The manual included explains the use.

With an camera attached to your photographers hand, you can easily look through your photographers cam and see what he would see! This way, you can really imagine, how your lights and flashes would look in reality.

If you ever wanted to do a photo course, here is your poser way to do it!

BUT: Therewith, not enough:

Out of the box, this set contains:

– Wall Sets P1-P3, boned figures, you can enable/disable visibility of the walls you need or dont need. Easy to assemble
– Ceiling Flash, Boned Figure of a Flash mounted to Ceiling
– A Mirror (Boned Figure)
– A Standflash, Boned Figure of a standing flash
– A boned Padawan Figure (For throughshoot and reversed for Backlighting)

– Six Extensions for the Flashes: Three for each (Ceiling and Stand): Softbox Large, Softbox Small and Spotlight
– Ashtray
– Paperbin
– Chair (Desk)
– Cloth Holder
– Couches
– Desk (with Morphs)
– Dressing Cabin
– Magazines
– Dresser (With Morphs)
– Music Rack and Boxes
– Outer Backgrounds (With Day and Night Settings)
– Plexi Box (With Morphs)
– Shoe Rack (with Shoes)
– Rack with Morphs
– Wall Rack With Stuff
– Small Stool
– Stand Lamps
– Table
– Wood Stool (Small and Large)
– A Photo Cam Smartprop loading to M4s Hand
– A Comb Smartprop for V4

Standard Lights:
– Ambient, Ceiling, Sunlight
Conforming Lights (Loading to prop)
– Standlamp, PC, Dresser Light
Flashlight System:
32 Lights, 4 intensities for each flash extension

– 27 Poses for V4/M4
– two handposes for M4/V4 Smartprops

– Five Mat Sets for the Background Paperplane
– Two Mat Sets for the Outer Background

– seven camera sets for a dolly cam

Rem: Victoria 4 or Michael 4 figure, character, clothing or hair not included!

C’mon Mr Photographer! Get into Business!