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Product: Exclusive Villa: Basement White Party Extension

Original Price: 11.90$



Here comes our Party Extension for the Supervilla Basement.
Even though the set is supposed to taint your basement into a cool party environment, you can also use all the props as standalones without the main product.
Included in this party set are:

– Preset Easy Pose sets for all the rooms to taint them into a white party environment
– Complete pre-assembled sets for all rooms
– Lights for the neon lamps single and room presets
– complete scenes for all rooms

– Bar
– Barbackside
– Bar Back Fill
– Couch (Big half circle)
– Couch (Quarter Circle)
– Sitting Box 1
– Sitting Box 2
– Curtains for Backdrop
– Curtains for Corner
– Curtains for Doors
– Metal Bench
– Hanging Music Boxes
– Neon Lamps on Floor
– Neon Lamps Standing
– Bar Seat
– Normal Seat
– Sexy Neon Lamps 1-3
– Sexy Metal Pics 1 & 2
– Simple Couch
– Small Table
– Stage
– Bar Stool
– Table for Corner Couch
– Table for Half Circle Couch
– Big Table
– Wall mounted TV
– Wall Cross
– Table/Paper Towel box

Set is build for Poser, all items load OK in D/S.

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New Product: SceneFillers: Laboratory Utilities

Original Price: 10.90$   PRIME: 3.50US$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scenefillers-laboratory-utilities/104491

Here comes another Scene Filler Set.
This is a set of laboratory utilities like you
would use in a lab for researching. 

Included are “Null”-props that load to the ground
and smartpropped items for M4 and V4 (left and right).

The set includes:

Smartprops (all left and right) and all with hand poses:

– Petri Dish
– Test Tube
– Flask

Null Props:

– Lab Kit Set
– Microscope
– Test Tube Set in Wood holder
– Metal holder with test tube
– Burner
– Flask
– Testube (lying)

Build for Poser, works in D/S.

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Product: SceneFillers: DecoProps

Original Price: 8.95$   PRIME: 3.50US$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scenefillers-decoprops/102805

Here comes the next pack of Scene Fillers.

With this pack you get a set of single decoration props, ready
to be put into your scenes to fill.
You get xx single props and 5 assembled sets (grouped to a holder).
Easy to handle, but great in their effect filling a scene.

Included in the pack are:

– Magazines (3 different types, 2 closed, 1 open)
– Books (6 different books)
– Book Holders (Right and Left)
– Fruits
– Flowers
– Little plants (2 pieces)
– Potatochips
– Remote Control
– Ashtray
– Candleholder
– Picture Frames (3 types)

5 Assemblies of the above included

Its the simple things that make a scene complete!
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– Beauty Props
– Medivial Props
– SciFi Smartprops

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Remark: Package is build for POser, works OK in D/S



Product: Party Props by 3-D-C

Original Price: 9.50$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/party-props-by-3-d-c/101612

Lets have a party!

Oh, you need a couple of add on props to get your party started?
No problem! Here you go.

This set brings you Smart and non-Smart props as well as grouped
together assembled stuff that lets you quickly fill your scenes with
some party fun.

Included in the set are:


– Beer Bottle for M4/V4 (Included Morphs)
– Champagne Glas for M4/V4 (Included Morphs)
– Cigarette Box for M4/V4 (Included Morphs)
– Cigarette (r/l) for M4/V4
– Whisky Bottle for M4/V4 (Included Morphs)
– Party Hat for M4/V4

Non-Smart Props
– Lampions
– Streamers Ground and flying
– Confetti (small, large, flying)
– Whisky Bottle (With Morphs)
– Champagne Glas (With Morphs)
– Beer Bottle (With Morphs)
– Cigarette Box (With Morphs)
– Party Hat
– Balloons
– Crown Corks

– Corresponding Handposes to all smart props

Another useful set from 3-D-C.

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Rem: Build for Poser, Works in D/S