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Product: Halloween Smartprops

Original Price: 8.20$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/halloween-smartprops/100978

Need to slay some vampires or hunt some undead evil?

Here come 11 handy props for your M4 and V4s, not just for Halloween!!

Included in the pack are the following Smartprops, all for M4 and V4
and the appropiate Hand poses:

– Axe
– Blade
– Bag (With Morhps to open)
– Book
– Lantern (with morph to Pose)
– Candlelighter Large
– Cabdlelighter Small
– Hammer
– Flok
– Silver Cross
– Spade

Enjoy the Hunting and dont miss our other Horror and Scifi Packages!!

Tested in Poser and D/S



Product: Evil Sanctuary

Original Price: 12.90$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/evil-sanctuary/101073

The quest of Evil continues.

Here comes another HQ Set of our Underworld Series: The Evil Sanctuary.
You need a place for your demons to rest? Something evil can hide away?
Or are you simply looking for a praying room for your adventureres?

The Evil Sanctuary comes out of the box with:

– Sanctuary   (All walls, doors, ceiling etc are boned and can individually moved or hidden away)
– Hemisphere
– Tomb 1 (Can Open, Skeleton included)
– Tomb 2 (Can open)
– IBL Helpers
– Torches

– Day/Night Preset pose for the hemisphere

– Altar
– Pentagram
– Outside Landscape

– Torch Lights
– Daylight

Additional Hemisphere Mats included.

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– Graveyard
– Underworld: Hell

More to come.

Remark: Item has been build for Poser. Loads in ok D/S with some particular differences in material settings and light output.



Product: Ultimate Graveyard Construction Set

Original Price: 13.20$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/ultimate-graveyard-construction-set/93055

… when the night creeps along the land, undead creatures rise from the ground and drown the world in darkness….

This is your long awaited, highly versatile Graveyard!
Coming with various types of open-able graves, a chapel with many options to alter, lightsets and many many more stuff.

Detailed items stand close up renders. Make some really spooky stuff … NOW! Before they catch you!

This set includes:

– Chapel as boned figure (All walls, windows, doors etc can be hidden)
– Fence as boned figure (Doors can open etc)
– grave 3 as boned figure (to open the grave)
– Hemisphere

– Big Cross (with injected morphs)
– Bush 1
– Bush 2
– Candleholder
– Grave 1 (with injected morphs)
– Grave 2 (with injected morphs)
– Groundplane
– Lightholder (for lightsystem)
– Pray Bank
– Stones and Rocks
– Large Tree
– Hole in the Ground
– Large Wood Cross

– Preset poses for Grave 3
– Mat poses for hemipshere

– Daylight full set (parents to lightholder)
– Moonlight full set (parents to lightholder)
– Candlelights

– 2 Preset Cams

– Fully equipped Scene in PZ3 format

This set is build for Poser 5 up.
Best results achieved in Poser 8 and higher.
Items load in D/S Studio V3 up, however, shaders and lights are build for poser!

This is an equipment set, no Creaturs, M4/v4 or clothing included!

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