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Product: Purple Orchid Nightclub


Original Price: 15.99$


Welcome to our Nightclub “The Purple Orchid”.
This stylish Establishment will serve and host your figures nicely for a wonderful night out there.
The set comes as a combination of the interior room including Props, Lights and Cams plus the hallway to the outside and the Outside Door Theme.

Included in the set:
– Room Main
– Hallway
– Decoration Set for the Room
– Outside Wall Scene

– 6 Dolly Cams included

– Bar
– BarStool
– Couch 1 (Straight)
– Couch 2 (Curved)
– Curtains Backside
– Curtains Front
– Curtains Side
– Lamps
– Music Boxes
– Plant
– Pole
– Small Table
– Stage

– Ambience Set
– Barlights
– Ceiling Spots
– Deco Lights
– Full Light Set
– Hallway Lights
– Outside Lights
– Table Lights Lower Side
– Table Lights Higher Side

– Full Inside Scene
– Full Outside Scene

Rem.: Product designed for Poser. Loads OK in D/S with a few limitations, please check readme.

Check out our big freebie area. We are processing free pose sets for this product.

Product: Exclusive Villa 9: Attic Room 1

Original Price: 13.50$


Here you get our first Attic Room for the supervilla sets.
Even though this is part of the series, it will work as a standalone package.

The whole room is rigged to bones to enable disabling walls and make long focal
lense shots. Included are completly setup rooms with day and night settings.

Whole included furniture sets like shelves and cabinets are boned items to open/close
doors and trays.

Included in the set:

Boned figures
– Full Room rigged to bones
– Shelf 1 rigged with open/tray masterdials
– Shelf 2 rigged with open/tray masterdials
– Shelf 3 rigged with open/tray masterdials
– Lowboard rigged with open/tray masterdials
– Cabinet (Large) rigged and masterdials to open doors
– Bed rigged to disable covers
– Pictures fitting to room
– Ceiling Lamps
– Stand Mirror (can swing)

– Carpet
– Smaller Lamp
– Bigger Lamp
– Mirror
– TV (Standing)
– TV (Wall Mounted)
– Deco (fitting to shelves)

– Full Night
– Full DAy
– All lights for lamps as single lights

– Preset Scene Day
– Preset Scene Night

Product is designed for Poser, Loads OK in D/S with few limitations (check read me).
Fits to Supervilla Sets. Change pose in body in ROOM to fit.

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Preset Poses for furniture will be available soon in our freebie area.

thanks for using our sets.

Product: SciFi Furniture Set 04


Original Price: 10.20$  , 6,50USD$ for PRIME


SciFi Furniture Collection 4 will bring you a compilation of
five futuristic furntirure props with five different material variations.

These props can be put into any of your scenes to complement and give
your figures a real futuristic place to live in.

Included are:

– Furniture 1: A large couch/bed place with extended rests
– Furniture 2: A futuristic seat with Armrests
– Furniture 3: A two people seat
– Furniture 4: A large play couch or bed with bowed arms and rings on top
– Furniture 5: A single seat

All Items come in five material variations:

– Red Fabric
– Red Leather
– Blue Leather
– Black Leather
– Alien

Complement V4 Poses included.

Enjoy this set and get your figures some futuristic place.

Check out our other sets and our great freebie area.

Tested in Poser and D/S.


Product: SciFi Furniture Set 01


Original Price: 10.20$  , 3,50USD$ for PRIME

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scifi-furniture-set-01/108824/

Here comes a versatile set of Furniture in SciFi/futuristic style.

Made out of leather, you can apply one of the preset mats coming with it.

Also included is a table and a shelf as well as some stylish sculptures.

Finally, to make it of most value, we have indcluded 24 Poses for M4/V4 for you.



– Couch 1, Couch 2, Couch 3 and Couch 4
– Seat 1 and Seat 2
– Sculpture 1 and Sculpture 2
– Table
– Shelf
– Small Seat (Cubic)
– Small Seat (Round)

Mat Sets:
– white Leather
– Brown Leather
– Black Leather
– Blue Leather
– Red Leather

– 11 Poses for M4
– 13 Poses for V4

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Also check our large freebie area with loads of add on stuff and extra bits for you!

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Product: Standard Apartment by 3-D-C

Original Price: 10.99$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/standard-apartment-by-3-d-c/80085

“Home sweet home”

I got a little tired of all this “hip” and “stylish” apartments and newish stuff. So i thought about having a very simple but standard apartment build, about 1000sqft (90 sqm), usually, what people life in. And in conjunction to the other street stuff i am working on, it seamed very clear: This is a must do!

So i set down for a while and modeled all this here. A complete set with all you need to start over. The wall sets are completly boned. Every single wall can be disabled singular. Props such as like the curtains and pictures are all grouped to the walls. No Single loading. The kitchen, and other stuff, are also boned figures: You can open every single cabinet or the oven or or or …

To add additional value, the floors and walls are all UV mapped in a way, you can simple swap or apply different floor styles or wallpapers. We added single materials to the set, so simply select the piece of the floor or wall you would like to change and load a different style.

Ah, if renovation would always be so easy!

Out of the box, this set contains:

– Room Set, complete CR2 with all walls boned
– Grouped to the above: Curtains, Wall Pictures and Heaters
the curtains all have morphs to open and close
– Kitchen Figure no 1 (oven part), boned to let you open all cabinets and the oven
– Kitchen Figure no 2 (Sink part), boned to let you open all cabinets
– Living Room Cabinet, boned to let you open the cabinet
– Bathroom Set, grouped to the toilet, all items for the bathroom
including the openable toilet, a curtain-style shower (with morphs to open the curtain), sink, bathtube, etc
– Table Set, table CR2 with grouped Stools

– Bathroom Shower and Tube
– Bathroom Sink and Towel
– Bed
– Cabinet for Sleeping room (incl. Morphs to open)
– Couchtable
– Couches
– Plant
– A plasma TV
– a pot for the oven
– 11 different light props (from a single bulp to a spot set etc etc)

(Lights are designed and tested in poser 2010 / 8  but work in Poser 7 down as well)
– Main Sunlight
– Various different light sets (Loadable in stackmode), applying to different items, such as the kitchen oven, the eating table lamp, etc

– 20 different poses to this set for M4 and V4 (check the content snapshot)

– 11 camera sets

– Three predefined mat sets for the doors (light wood, dark wood, white wood)
– Single Materials for the walls and floors
Four Floor sets: Set 1-3, Carpet
Tiles for the bathroom: Light Tiles, dark tiles
Wallpaper sets 1-6
Wood (Bright, Dark, White)
Outside Walls

There are much more useful freebies in our freebies area!
The Entire set is build for external use as well. Check my freebies for additional items such as the streets etc.

You waited long enough. Move into your own walls, now!

A new Extension Set is avaliable!

Remark for D/S Users: The set works in DAZ Studio 2.3 up, however, the loadable material sets that come with this set are designed for Poser. In D/S you must apply the textures by hand in case you want to change the styles.