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Product: Ship Elements A3 – CryoStasis

Original Price: 14.99$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/ship-elements-a3—cryostasis/95491

… Some say, you dont sleep during cryo stasis…
We do not believe so!

Here comes a complete set of a cryo stasis environment. It includes the entire room set with cryo tanks, walkways, panels and control racks. As complete as always, we put in also basic set of poses for V4 and M4, light sets, a complete set of cameras and additinal mats for athmospheres.

Out of the box this set includes:

– Complete A3 Room, over 40 bones
– Cryo Set 1-4 and 5-8, all cryo tanks can open etc
– Middle Walk Path including the panels
– Racks left and right, all boned figures so you can open the doors
Note: All items include “Illuminators”: Boned Planes sorted to the lights so you can disable or alter the lightning

– Four Basic Poses for M4, Four for V4
– 26 Positioning Poses for the above

– Basic Lightning (Ambience Lighting)
– Mainroom lights
– Panel lightning
– Rack lightning

– 6 Dolly Cams

– Thick and Thin Athmosphere

This pack is designed to work best with indirect lightning used. All items have “illuminators” assigned as separate bones.

Desgined for Poser. All items load OK in D/S. Lights etc are designed to give best output in Poser.

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