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Ship Elements C5: Commando Center


Original Price: 10.50$

Untitled-1  https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/ship-elements-c5-commando-center/112037/

Herewith you get the C5 Element of the Ship Element C-Sector Series.

This element brings you the command control section that you may need
to get a propper Alien commando down to earth.

The room is build as a rigged figure. You can easily enable any wall or
parts of the room through the visibility tag.

Included Illumination helpers give you easy object based lightning to
fire ahead.

Lights, poses, cams and a prebuild scene included.

Included in the set:


– C5 Main Room
– Illumination Helper Screens
– Illumination Helper Windows

– 4 Poses for V4
– 4 Poses for M4

– 4 Cams to spot
Gunner Right and Left

– Full Light Set

Prebuild Scene included

Rem.: Package is build for Poser, loads OK in D/S with few limitations. See readme for further information

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Product: Command & Control Center 2260

Original Price: 10.90$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/command-control-center-2260/74835

“Attention! This is the Commander! We have contact at 20, langitude 455.
All fighters, approach!”

Alright, you all waited long enough. The Prometeus is ready for the battle!
Here is your 2260 Command and Control Center. This large place comes in four room parts, with enough consoles and seats to have a competent crew working in. In the center you have the large planning table, a radar grid and a ceiling mounted information console.
What else does a  starship commander need to steer his fleet into a mission?!
The entire product is build with care and to leave you room to assemble and make your own stories. It fits into the overall 2260 schema and the delivered 25 poses for M4 and V4 and the 29! Lights, which all load to the parts assigned make this an easy to handle product.

Out of the box, this set contains:

Figures and Props:
– Four Wall Sections for the Room (Two with doors and injected morph to open and close the door)
– Ceilings for the Wall Parts
– Stool sets as figures, so you can easily move the stools around
– The Mid Console with a hologram inject morph
– The upper Information Console  (You can uplift it to let it hide in the ceiling)
– The Radar Grid
– Wall Signs with lights assigned
– Two Smaller tables with a hologram inject morph

– A binder of a handbook conforming to M4 Left and Right hand (Injected Morph to open and close)
– A Broadcast Phone handset also for M4

– Modular light sets of 29 Lights loading to the wall parts. This include
–  Neonlamps UP, Ladders and DOWN
– Console Lights based upon Image Based Lighting
– Lights for the Ceiling Spots
– Floor Lightning
– Mid Table Light
– Radar Light
– Door Lights

– 12 Poses for M4 (all special to the set)
– 13 Poses for V4 (all special to the set)
Rem: I recommend using my free poses for M4 and V4 for other setups, check my website for the freebies.

– five camera sets

The entire set is build in modular way. You only need to load the parts you need.

Wall Parts use morph injects to open the doors. You can also simply assemble this set with my free corridors to connect
the other 2260 series sets, or simlpy make your own scenes.

.The product is designed for Poser use, but we tested in working ok in DAZ 2.3 up.

Rem: V4/M4 Figures, Hair and Clothing not included.