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Product: Sandworld City Construction Set

Original Price: 9.55$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/sandworld-city-construction-set/91598

“…out in the desert, there is a new world to be explored….”
The badlands of Prem
Out here in the middle of
nowhere, a desert city makes has its own rules.
Welcome to Sandworld!

Sandworld is a versatile set of a city in the desert. It comes as a set of four main house builds with various options to build together. Streetplanes, add on props, lights and mat sets, as well as a hemisphere for Day, Dawn and Night are included.
All street planes come with injected morphs to make them “sandy”. Houses can open doors, lift blinds, enable or disable parts etc. Props have morphs to alter.
Assembly made easy, using standard poser size units of 4 x 4. Included is a manual how to use this set.
Versatility at its best.

Content of this set:

– Hemisphere
– House 01  (Round Shape / Iglu style) with openable door, moveable blinds
– House 02  (boxed Shape) with openable door, moveable blinds
– House 03  (Hangar Style) with openable Blinds on front, disable sphere on top
– House 04  (larger style) with two openable doors, moveable blinds and sphere on top
– Blinds for House 03 separatly

– Mat Pose for Hemisphere

– Wood barell
– Awning
– Crate
– Vase
– Lantern Single
– Bumper
– Porvator
– Palm
– Palm with inverted Polys
– Sandplane Single with Morphs
– Street Planes: Straight, Curve, T-Part and Xpart all with injected morphs for the sand

– Full Sets: Dawn, Day and Night
– Single Lantern Lights

Check our website for more free poses and sets.

Note: This is the city construction set! V4/M4 Figure, Ships, Clothing or Hair not included. Package will also gain value. Check my freebie section on my website for more add ons

Best results achieved with Poser 8 up with Indirect Lightning.
Limitations in D/S: All items load fine, Material Shaders of some items look different.
Masterdial in houses wont work below Poser 8 but can be moved manually.
Light output different..