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Product: SciFi City ForeGround Scene 1 – Rooftop

Original Price: 10.20$


Here comes our first explicit foreground set for our SciFi City Product line.

The product is build to deliver you a detailed foreground set to pose and place
your people on viewing out your scifi cities.
The set is build as a single figure with boned items, so you can disable parts
or walls to make long focal lense shots.

The building roof contains an inner staircase. You can walk up and go out!

Check out the samples.

Included in the set:

– Complete Foreground set, boned item. Includes Masterdials to open doors, Powerboxes can open.

– Seven Dolly Cams

– Full Set (for moonlight night)
– All specific Lights separatly (Signs, Moon etc)

– Two full scenes included (Day and Night)

Also check out our other SciFi City kits and our big freebie area!

Rem.: Build for Poser, loads OK in D/S with few limitations (check readme)



Product: SciFi City Construction Set 3

Original Price: 14.90$


Here comes our SciFi City Construction Set 3.

This set is a complete stand-alone SciFi City Construction Package.
You receive streetplanes, buildings and accessoire, all build to work as simple as possible.
Build in Illuminators in the plane and buildings makes it easy to illuminate your scene without
having dozens of lights build.

A 37 minute tutorial video will help you to get yourself arranged and learn about how to best
practise and manage your city build in Poser.

Within the set you get:

Boned items:
– Common Holder item
– Street Plane with blocks boned. Propped to each plane are the illuminators, signs and shadow casters
– Street plane with the middle items removed so you can land a ship or start a market or ….
– Assembled Plane sets 2 x 2 and 4 x 4

– 9 Large buildings
– Signs and Illumination casters for the buildings
– All buildings assembled together
– Cars prop (with morph to create motion blur)

– Dawn, Day and NIght preset

– Cam preset (setting you right on the TOP, LEFT and RIGHT Cam plus a preset Dolly Cam)

– Athmosphere for Day and NIght and background sets

– Full preset Day and Night Scene

37 minute tutorial included.

Works nively together with our other SciFi City construction Sets!

Check out our store and big freebie area for more!

Rem: Pack is build for Poser but works out OK in D/S with a few limitations (see readme).

Thanks for using our sets.


Product: SciFi City Construction Set 2

Original Price: 14.90$


Herewith you receive the full SciFi City Construction Set to build a whole City based on your own ideas.

No ironed streetset, this is fully to your own ideas. We have prebuild three scenes for you to work with.

The set will deliver you 10 buildings and a complex streetplane with smaller buildings to assemble.
All get additional signs to attach to them.

Also you get street lanes and add on stuff like skycars, light beams and of course light sets and a hemisphere with additional daylight materials.

This set is build to give you a good option to build city scapes to be rendered in mid or long focal shots, not to place a figure on them and have a full
detail building. Check out the samples.

Also please check the other sets of the SciFi City Sets:

SciFi City Construction Set – Base Pack 1
SciFi City Street Level
SciFi City Roof Top Level
SciFi City Street Level 2
Scifi City Hangar Bay

Included in this set you get:

– Street Lane (with morphs to bend and Illumination helpers)
– Building 1-10
– Signs for Buildings 1-10
– Sky Cars
– Street Plane
– Street Plane Lights and Illumination Helpers
– Light Sets (Day, Dawn, Night)
– Camera Pointer
– Light Beams
– SkyDome
– Three Skydome materials and preset poses
– Preset Scenes (As shown in the samples Day , Night, Dawn)

The Template for the SkyDome will be avaliable shortly as a freebie.

DS Users: This set is build for Poser. It will load in D/S with a few tweaks neccessary. Limitations with D/S are outlined in the readme.

Thanks for using our sets and have fun playing!


Product: Scifi City Hangar Bay

Original Price: 17.90$

Untitled-1  https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scifi-city-hangar-bay/114353

Herewith you receive your SciFi City Hangar Bay

this set will give you an entire set of a modular hangar bay for a scifi city or larger outpost.
All items come as seperate props, but you will also get a complete assembled scene as well as
arrays of platforms and lights to start an easy custom setup.

Like always we have included lights and presets. Hemisphere for object based lightning included
as well.

Set has been designed to deliver you far scape options for large constructions under the constrain of limiting polygon use and focus on texture quality.
So you can as well do close up renders (see samples).

Buildings have morph inject to open/close doors.

Included in the set:


– Object Holder (for Grouping)
– Boned FloodLight (including OBL Helper)
– Boned Standard Light (including OBL Helper)
– Floor Light Array
– Platform Array
– Hemisphere (including OBL Helper)
– Floodlight Array with attached Spotlights

– Background Props options (Rocks)
– EndCorner Building (Right)
– EndCorner Building (Left)
– EndCorner Building Details (Right)
– EndCorner Building Details (Left)
– EndGround Left
– EndGround Right
– EndMain Building (incl Morphs for Doors)
– EndMain Building Details
– EndMid Building (Right)
– EndMid Building (Left)
– Main Building (incl Morphs for Doors)
– Main BUilding Back Cover
– Main BUilding Details
– Main Platform
– Low Platform 1 to 4
– Light Arrays for the lower platforms
– Walkway

– Daylight Set
– StarPort Lights
– Nightlight Set

– Mat Set Pose for the Hemisphere: Night, RedSkey, Starport, BlueSky

Rem: This set is designed for POSER. It loads OK in D/S but some material shaders appear different. Check readme for details.

Thanks for using our sets and check out the other parts of the SciFi City sets!



Product: SciFi City Street Level 2

Original Price: 18.80$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=105608

Welcome to our newest SCIFI City Scene: The Redlight and Shopping District.

This set will bring you a full City Ground Area with loads of options and versatility.

A full preset scene is included.

Each building comes with additional layers of detail to be loaded and add more reality
to your scene. Items are mostly modelled out and so they can be used in close up renders.

Buildings are build in a way you can rotate them in 180 degrees to allow even bigger scenes.

Unveal your SciFi City ideas now!

Check the gallery tab below to check out larger renders in full size mode!

Included in this set:

Figure Items:

– Building 1
– Building 1 Details (Levels 1 – 4)
– Building 2
– Building 2 Details (Levels 1 – 4)
– Building 3 (4 is the same but mirrored)
– Building 3 Details (Levels 1 – 3)
– Middle Part
– Middle Part Details
– Tower Part
– Tower Part Details
– Street Level
– Street Level Details (Levels 1 – 2)
– Metro Rail
– Hemisphere

– Hemisphere presets
– Alternate Advertisements

– Spots for each building
– Daylight

– 9 PReset Dolly cams

– Preset Scene

Manual included.

Check out our large freebie area and other sets of the SCIFI City line.

Remark: This is a high poly set. All details of the buildings are modelled out to detail to allow close up shots. We recommend to render scenes of this kind in parts to avoid memory overflow. All samples rendered in this product package where rendered in one piece.
D/S Users: Package is build for poser but loads OK in D/S. Some material shaders may look different in D/S.

4 T_0001 FLSET_0000 Full 01_0001 f FLSET_0002 FLSET_0004 FLSET_0003

Product: SciFi City Roof Top Level

Original Price: 11.45$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scifi-city-roof-top-level/97567

Welcome to our new product Line:

The SCIFI City Construction Sets!

The third set of this series will bring you up into the sky!
The Roof Top Level is a roof top of a large building (including the upper
levels of this building) with a parking space, landing bay and a sky cafe.
Likewise what you would usualy expect up in the sky of our future cities, right?

The building is an assembly of PROPs grouped under one source figure, to make it
easy to move it around etc. You can also load the parts as standalone, multiply them
etc. Very easy and versatile to use.

It works lovely together with the other sets of this series. Checking the sample renders
you will see the City Construction Base Pack 1 to model the backgrounds.

Included in the first package is :

– Roof Top Level Building as a grouped core figure

– All building parts as separate props:
– Main
– Side
– Lamps
– Advertisements 1-8 (separate)
– Windows
– Corner Parts
– Middle Parts
– Skybar House
– Docking Bays
– Fuel Station

– Spotlights up
– Lamps down
– SkyCafe Advert lights

Remark: Ships, People, Clothing and boxes are not included in this set!

There is far more to come on this product line. Stay tuned!!

THis set is build for Poser 7 up. Best results in Poser 8 up.

Limitations for D/S Users: The Set loads OK in D/S.
Some Cams and Lights render slightly differently as in the sample Renders
with Poser.

Check our large freebie section here or under our website.

THanks for using our sets.




Product: SciFi City Street Level

Original Price: 17.20$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scifi-city-street-level/97160

Welcome to our new product Line:

The SCIFI City Construction Sets!

The second set of our series will give you a very detailed street scene.
This set is build precisly to allow you make any close up scene you’d whish.
Check the sample renders to get an idea of the possibilities.

Included in the first package is :

– Street Level Street
– Building 1 – 4
– Assembled Scene 1
– Assembled Scene 2 (Mirrored)

– Illuminators Hide and Show pose

– Daylight
– Nightlight
– Streetlamps

– Basic Depth Cue
– Athomsphere

– Rubble

– 7 Preset dolly Cams

Prebuild Scenes:
– 2 prebuild Scenes for Poser

We have also included a five page tutorial to explain the usage.

There is far more to come on this product line. Stay tuned!!

THis set is build for Poser 7 up. Best results in Poser 8 up.

Limitations for D/S Users: The Set loads OK in D/S.
Some Cams and Lights render slightly differently as in the sample Renders
with Poser.

Check our large freebie section here or under our website.

THanks for using our sets.




Product: SciFi City Construction Set – Base Pack 1

Original Price: 19.90$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scifi-city-construction-set—base-pack-1/97007

Welcome to our new product Line:

The SCIFI City Construction Set!

With this new line of products you will receive the most comprehensive
modular set to build Cities of SciFi Style. Even though, not just that.
Everything in these sets is going to be produced under the aspect to be still
able to make close up shots.

with this first set you receive everything you need to start off. Check
the sample renders to get an idea how versatile this set is.

Included in the first package is :

– Building 1 – 4 , modular buildings, with various boned parts
– SciFi apps, conforming to the buildings
– Detail sets conforming to the buildings
– Street Set, build in modular way, having a metro on top
– Sky Hemisphere
– Larger Sign

– Easy pose sets for all buildings, Applications and Detail sets to change style
– Mat Poses for the hemisphere

– Daylight, Dawn, Night Lights

– Basic Depth Cue

– Ships plane to fill your sky with life

Prebuild Scenes:
– 4 prebuild Scenes for Poser (like the ones used in the sample renders)

We have also included a five page tutorial and produced a 20 minute video tutorial
to explain the usage.

There is far more to come on this product line. Stay tuned!!

Check our large freebie section here or under our website.

THanks for using our sets.




Product: Sandworld – Oasis

Original Price: 9.55$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/sandworld—oasis/92004

Doing a long camel ride through the desert?

Take a stop here in this Oasis and rest for a while.

Eleven Poser Props, with morph injected to alter and animate. Build your own little oasis in the middle of the desert.

An entire predefined PZ3 Poser Scene is included.

Included in the set are:

– Tent 1
– Tent 2 with morph to change the closing
– Palm 1 (with morph to bend)
– Palm 2
– Boulders
– Single Bolder (with morphs)
– Fireplace (with morph to hide fire)
– Waterplane
– Sandplane (with morphs)
– Desert Landscape (with morphs)
– Rocks (with morphs)

– Sets for Daylight, Dawn and Night
– Add on for the fireplace

Hemisphere Figure

Poses for the hemisphere

Predefined Poser PZ3 File.

Check out our large freebie space!
(see our website and our content here on Renderosity)

This set fits perfectly to the Sandworld City Construction Set (see below for link)

Note: Hemisphere and Mat sets for Hemisphere are the same as in the Sandworld City Set!
D/S Limitations: All items load OK; Light output looks different due to Posers different capabilities.



Product: Sandworld City Construction Set

Original Price: 9.55$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/sandworld-city-construction-set/91598

“…out in the desert, there is a new world to be explored….”
The badlands of Prem
Out here in the middle of
nowhere, a desert city makes has its own rules.
Welcome to Sandworld!

Sandworld is a versatile set of a city in the desert. It comes as a set of four main house builds with various options to build together. Streetplanes, add on props, lights and mat sets, as well as a hemisphere for Day, Dawn and Night are included.
All street planes come with injected morphs to make them “sandy”. Houses can open doors, lift blinds, enable or disable parts etc. Props have morphs to alter.
Assembly made easy, using standard poser size units of 4 x 4. Included is a manual how to use this set.
Versatility at its best.

Content of this set:

– Hemisphere
– House 01  (Round Shape / Iglu style) with openable door, moveable blinds
– House 02  (boxed Shape) with openable door, moveable blinds
– House 03  (Hangar Style) with openable Blinds on front, disable sphere on top
– House 04  (larger style) with two openable doors, moveable blinds and sphere on top
– Blinds for House 03 separatly

– Mat Pose for Hemisphere

– Wood barell
– Awning
– Crate
– Vase
– Lantern Single
– Bumper
– Porvator
– Palm
– Palm with inverted Polys
– Sandplane Single with Morphs
– Street Planes: Straight, Curve, T-Part and Xpart all with injected morphs for the sand

– Full Sets: Dawn, Day and Night
– Single Lantern Lights

Check our website for more free poses and sets.

Note: This is the city construction set! V4/M4 Figure, Ships, Clothing or Hair not included. Package will also gain value. Check my freebie section on my website for more add ons

Best results achieved with Poser 8 up with Indirect Lightning.
Limitations in D/S: All items load fine, Material Shaders of some items look different.
Masterdial in houses wont work below Poser 8 but can be moved manually.
Light output different..