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Product: Castle Corridor Construction Kit

Original Price: 12.99$


Welcome to your own castle!

With this new construction set, you will easily be able to design your own
castle set. Just exactly what you may need to build scenes or setups you
desire for your stories, games or simple renders.

The set is a full blown construction set to build corridors, rooms, halls etc.
Included are as well add on props, light sets and preassembled structures.

The versatility and easiness of this set will provide you thousands of possibilities
and you will probably never get bored using it!

Included in the set:

– Construction Multiprop (Main Item to assemble any sort of structure desired)
– Holder (for grouping)
– Pre-Assembled structures: Room, Hall, Hallway, Crossing and Pathway

– Easy Pose for the Multiprop for Walls, Ceilings and Corners
– Material Pose
– Pose for Halberd for M4

– Banner
– Candelabrum
– Carpet (Injected morphs for Curve, X Crossing, T Part, End Part and Straight)
– Halberds
– Halberd Smartprop for M4
– IBL helper prop
– Lanterns
– Pictures (1 and 2)
– Pillar
– Podest

– Sunlight
– Torch Light

Full Manual included.

Check out the Video Samples of the Walkthrough:

Rem.: Set is designed for Poser; will load in D/S with a few limitations. Check readme for more.

Extended License avaliable.