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Product: The Doctors Office by 3-D-C

Original Price: 9.95$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/the-doctors-office-by-3-d-c/70499

Your Figures are needing some medical investigation? Your Victoria is currently expecting her first Baby? Well, here is your ultimate Doctors Office
to help you doing your best to your favorite Figures. This realistic Doctor Office comes with over 45 separatly loadable props (PP2).
Two ROoms (THe Entrance and Waiting Area plus the main office) will give you plenty of space to start your medical expierience.
Ten Poses for Michael 4 and Vicctoria 4 are included to pose as Doc, Nurse or Patient. Two light sets will light your rooms with daylight.
You can separatly turn on or off the light.
THe rooms have injected morphs to open and close the curtains. All Cabinets can open and close the trays or doors. Cabs and Racks have fills.
Chairs and raise or swing. All Props have been modelled with care.

Take a look at the sample renders to check out the reality level. Some props materials can simply be altered to change appearance.

Included in this package are:

– Medical Padawan Figure
– Gynocological Chair
– Main Room (Completly fitted)
– Entrance Room (Completly fitted)
– Anatomy Picture (pp2)
– Backgrounds (pp2)
– Big Cabinet (pp2)
– Billy Rack (pp2)
– Billy Filling (pp2)
– Another Filling (pp2)
– Books for the Wall Rack (pp2)
– Chair with Morphs (pp2)
– Clock (pp2)
– Coat Rack (pp2)
– Couch (pp2) with morphs
– Stuff for the Desk (pp2)
– Flower for the table (pp2)
– Glas Table (pp2)
– Lamps for the Entrance room (pp2)
– Magazines (pp2)
– Main Desk (pp2)
– Lamps for the Main room (pp2)
– Medical Cabinet (pp2) with Morphs
– Medicine for the Cabinet (pp2)
– Microscope (pp2)
– Mirror and Paper Towels (pp2)
– a Palm (pp2)
– Paper Bin (pp2)
– Doctors PC (pp2)
– Pictures for the Entrance Room (pp2)
– Plant (for the Entrance room (pp2))
– Reception Desk (pp2)
– Reception PC (pp2)
– Rolling Table (pp2)
– Simple Chair (pp2)
– Sink (pp2)
– Skelleton Stand (pp2) (Skelleton not included, check out DAZ3D.COM for the Skelleton shown here)
– Small Cabinet (pp2) With Morphs
– Small Chair (pp2) With Morphs to raise and lower
– Ultra Sonic Device (pp2)
– Waiting Seats (pp2)
– Wall Picture for the main room (pp2)
– Wall Rack (pp2)
– Walls Entrance Room (pp2) with injected morphs for the curtains and the door
– Walls for the main room (pp2) with injected morphs for the curtains and the door
– an X-ray Viewer with Xrays (pp2)
– M4 sitting on Chair
– M4 Sitting on small Chair
– M4 THinking
– V4 on Couch
– V4 in waiting Area
– V4 sitting on normal Chair
– V4 Waiting on Chair
– V4 behind Reception
– V4 on Gynocologic CHair
– V4 in front of receptino
– V4 in front of cabinet
– Lights for Main room
– Lights for reception area

Not included: M4 or V4 figures or clothing/hair, Skelleton is DAZ3D Skeleton.

This product has been tested and setup in Poser.

Thanks for interest in my product. Check out the read me file for more information.

I am constantly issuing extensions or freebies, so stay tuned…Your medical journey has just begun ….

Remark: A set of cameras has been posted on the freebie section.


Product: The Office Part 1 by 3dc

Original Price: 9.95$, Now for 6.47$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/the-office-part-1-by-3dc/70097

Welcome to the Marc Mitchel Company.

Have you ever looked for a realistic office space for your figures to work in?
Ever looked for something that looks like the usual modern offices of today?

The Office – Part 1 is the first Part of Mr. Marc Mitchels Company. It works completly independent. The Office is a set of four main rooms, the corridor, the lift, the meeting room
and a single office (which you can load multiple times). The set contains about 32 props with injected morphs, to animate or change appearance.
THe corridor is setup as figure with doors as bones, so you can open and close. THe meeting room and office contains morphs to swing and open the
blinds. The lift is set with injected morphs to open and close the door.
All props load to the preset location, however, you can simply setup your own office by rearranging them.
Props use low poly where possible to preserve memory space.

THe whole set has been build on a bases to work robust and render quickly. It avoids memory intensive textures for walls or floors, but has detailed
textures on the items where needed. The set comes with 22 poses for V4 and M3 so you can let your office live start immidiatly.
Take a look at the test renders. They had all be done with the preinstalled light and camera sets, no postwork applied.
The Set comes with various different light sets. Your M3 or V4 need to work late? No problem, lights are included…

Smart props, such as a binder, morphable to open and close, or a case for M3 for open and closing and applying to the hands are included as well.

We are working on part 2, which will extend Marc Mitchels company with a coffee kitchen, a larger office for your people to work in and
a women and mens toilet.

Use a new dolly cam for applying the camera sets, so you dont mess up your main camera.

In case you expirience any issues, feel free to contact us.

Look out for the part 2 coming up soon.

V4 or M3, clothes & Hair not included. This product is the office space, poses, lights, cameras and props shown.

Note for DAZ Users: The product was concepted in Poser, works in DAZ Also. However, the product expects the downloads Dir under the program directory. Elsewise you will get requested for the texture directory. Simply confirm the location of the textures. Also: The Background is poser simple prop, i will add an update so this loads correctly for DAZ, but the product itselfs renders fine in DAZ.

Product: Stylish Apartment by 3-d-c

Original Price: 9.95$, Now for 6.47$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/stylish-apartment-by-3-d-c/69700


2017 fix for making room to work in D/S : https://3-d-c.com/3dc-styleapp2017/

Where do you want your figures to return, after a hard day at the posing factory? This is the right place to come. A highly detailed, handcrafted and carefully ambiented Apartment. Stylish and ready for some relaxing moments. The apartment comes as: – One pp2 prop for the main walls, including the power sockets, light switches and lower frame, also with injected Morhs to animate the bathroom door, the apartment has a “Dummy”-lower floor to add depth to the view – A pp2 prop for the blinds, you can swipe and lift all blinds separatly, just with the morph – a set of ceiling mounted lights as a prop pp2 – a set of backdrops – a complete set of 13 additional props of furniture to design your interieur – a pp2 with injected morphs for the bathroom, so you can open and close the toilet and slide the shower doors – a set of four light sets for Daylight, Bathlight 1 and 2, and all insight lights which you can delete if not needed – a set of poses for a V4 figure to relax on the couch or lie in the bed – a set of cameras to view and spot at the most important sights of the rooms – morphable blankets and cushions for the bed – a morphable cabinet, where you can slide the doors – exchangeable texture sets for your bedware – A Figure of a Padawan, so you can slide the various parts of it – An additional figure where the whole apartment is assembled as ONE The props of Cabinet, blanket, cushion and the bathroom interieur contains morph targets, so you can animate them. The Cabinet can open each door (slide), the toilet can be open and closed and the shower can be opened and closed. The blanket and cushion are freebies, more of those under ….. The blinds are morphable to swing and up. All blinds can be changed individually. Most of the props use Poser internal materials and shaders. we strongly recommend to use rendersettings of when using posers firefly renderer. Light sets are not using Ambient Occlusion. Ambient Occlusion is beeing added to the main materials of the floor, walls, door and window frames. Thanks for your interest in my work. Visit my homepage on http://www.3-d-c.de for more freebies and add ons to this product shortly. V4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included.