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Product: Fightclub by 3-D-C

Original Price: 13.20$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/fightclub-by-3-d-c/92683

“…fight! There can be only one!”

This is the ultimate fight club.
Train your M4s and V4s to stand up and fight
in this world. An Ultimate pack with so much options!!

This Fightclub is a versatile set coming to you as a one item room figure, boned into pieces, light sets, add on props, poses and cameras. What else would you need to start off and right away?!

Content of this set:

– Main Room boned into pieces. Walls, Lamps, Doors etc can be hidden, enables long focal lense shots
– Toilet Set, with openable Toilet lids, doors etc
– Lockers Set, all doors can separatly open

– 10 Base Poses for V4 and M4
– 2 Poses to hide and show hands

– Punch Sack  (with Morphs injected)
– Punch Ball  (with Morphs injected)
– Boxing Ring
– Wooden Banks
– Sideboard 1 (Small)
– Sideboard 2 (Larger)
– Smartprops:
M4: Boxing Gloves
V4: Boxing Gloves

– Daylight (Sunlight)
–  Main Upper Lamps
– Toilet Spot
– Shower Room Light

– Ten Dolly Cams

Check our website for more free poses and sets.

works ideal with our set of street freebies avaliable through our website

This set ties into the set of street. Check our store for more street stuff.

This set contains environmental stuff. V4 and M4 figures, clothes, hair not included.

Best results achieved with Poser 8 up with Indirect Lightning.
Limitations in D/S: All items load fine, Material Shaders of some items look different.
Masterdial in Woodbank wont work but can be moved manually.
Light output different.