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Product: Exclusive Villa 8: Super Basement


Original Price: 12.20$


Herewith we are adding another new superset to our Exclusive Villa Series!

This is the basement! However, not just a basement… you get a super-versatile
set that will allow you to alter the look and feel of your basement it tons
of different ways. Use easy-pose mat sets or apply single materials to create
your own style basement.

Designed to work with the Supervilla Sets, but works as standalone as well.

Lights, Cams and add on Props included.
Two preset Scenes included.

Inside this set:

– Basement Room 1 to 5, all boned figures
– Washing Machine
– Laundry Rack
– Holder

– Move to place pose for Staircase
– Easy pose mat sets for all rooms (Default, Bloody, Old Set, Traditional, Modern)

– Barrels
– Bloodplane
– Boxes
– Heating Unit
– Rack 1, 2 and empty Rack
– Sink (includes morphs to mount)
– Tires

– Various Light sets for all rooms
– Ambience

– 8 preset Dolly Cams

– Default Scene
– Bloody Scene

Thanks for using our sets:

Rem.: This set is designed for Poser. It will load OK in D/S with a few limitations (check read me).

Watch out for more and visit our big freebie area!

Product: Forgotten Basement by 3-D-C

Original Price: 13.90$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/forgotten-basement-by-3-d-c/98789



Trapped, forgotten, lost?
Here is a perfect basement set to start your dark imaginary worlds and stories.
The forgotten basement is a boned basement figure. All walls, doors, ceiling, floor, gutters etc are boned items and can be easily disabled through the visibility tag. No loading of separate walls, just fire away.
Included in this set are:
– Main Room Set
– Outer Wall helpers (To allow light to shine from the outside in)
– Chain Set (With easy pose injected to bend, swirl and twist)
– Wooden Parter
– V4 Chair poses (2x)
– V4 Bed Poses (3x)
– V4 Chain Poses (6x)
– Chain Poses for above (6x)
– V4 Gutter Pose
– Adjustement poses for the chains and V4 figure to place them in different areas of the room
– Barrel Prop (with morhps to alter)
– Beer Crate with bottles (with morhps to alter)
– Sack Prop (with morhps to alter)
– Stool
– Wooden table
– Stuff for the table
– Bucket
– All inner light set
– Outer Light set
– 5 Dolly preset cams
– Athomsphere preset
Check out our large freebie section for more stuff, poses and add ons for our sets!
This set is designed for Poser and loads ok in D/S Studio (2.3 and higher).
Known limitations in D/S: Light output is slightly different
Stay tuned for more from the Apocalyptica Series:
– Ruined House
– Megapack
– Combat
– Old House