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Product: Ship Elements X2: SciFi Alien Bar

Original Price: 11.90$



Here comes our next set of the Alien Ship Elements.
This one will bring you an Alien Bar, something you may find useful to collaborate on your next Invasion plans!
The bar comes as a whole set of props, lights, tools and cams to give you a full set to work with.

Included in the pack:
– Outside Shadow Casters, to avoid light reflecting on wrong sides
– Holder, to group your stuff together
– Whole set of all props loading in one go

– Seat
– Chair
– Table
– Table Set
– Bar Props
– Hanging lamps
– Upward PIllars
– Door (with Morph)
– Windows
– Walls (all separate)

– Different light sets, invidual sets as well as full light preset

– Preset Dolly Cams

rem: Build for Poser, works in D/S with a few limitations (check read me)

Check out our large freebie area and our additional Sets of the SciFi World.



Product: Exclusive Villa: Basement White Party Extension

Original Price: 11.90$



Here comes our Party Extension for the Supervilla Basement.
Even though the set is supposed to taint your basement into a cool party environment, you can also use all the props as standalones without the main product.
Included in this party set are:

– Preset Easy Pose sets for all the rooms to taint them into a white party environment
– Complete pre-assembled sets for all rooms
– Lights for the neon lamps single and room presets
– complete scenes for all rooms

– Bar
– Barbackside
– Bar Back Fill
– Couch (Big half circle)
– Couch (Quarter Circle)
– Sitting Box 1
– Sitting Box 2
– Curtains for Backdrop
– Curtains for Corner
– Curtains for Doors
– Metal Bench
– Hanging Music Boxes
– Neon Lamps on Floor
– Neon Lamps Standing
– Bar Seat
– Normal Seat
– Sexy Neon Lamps 1-3
– Sexy Metal Pics 1 & 2
– Simple Couch
– Small Table
– Stage
– Bar Stool
– Table for Corner Couch
– Table for Half Circle Couch
– Big Table
– Wall mounted TV
– Wall Cross
– Table/Paper Towel box

Set is build for Poser, all items load OK in D/S.

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Product: SciFi Bar by 3-D-C (K-Azonica Series)

Original Price: 9.89$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scifi-bar-by-3-d-c/83447… VIPs only….

Even in K-Azonica, live can become boring. You need a place
where you can rest, have a good drink, some good food and a good
chatty time with the other Galaxy Pirates, right?

We present you the fourth set of K-Azonica:

The SciFi Bar; the Buccaneers Den

a versatile set of a bar, made for serving food and drinks,
but also prepared with a stage section.

This set comes with a lot of stuff in it. We have made 19 poses for V4 and M4, table poses,
4 hand poses and smartprops for serving food having drinks and whiping the desks,
various props and dedicated light sets.

This set works together with the SciFi Corridor Construction set and
has the same outside door as usually used. Also the look-alike is with the
Other K-Azonica Sets, so it all fits together…

A complete Manual how to use this set is included.

Included in the package are
– The Core Body of the room (devided into two sections, so you need to load only what you really need)
– A table set with boned chairs

– Floor Inner
– Floor Outer
– Main Ceiling
– Bar Main
– Bar MIddle
– Bar Stool
– A Dancing Pole
– A Microphone
– Sign for the Backwall

– Drink for V4
– Drink for M4
– whiper for M4
– Serving Tablet for V4
– All Ambient Lights
– Daylight
– Lights for section P1-P7
– Lights for section P8-P14
– Stage Lights
– Bar Lights Inner
– Bar Lights Upper

– 19 poses for V4 and M4
– Table Poses to place the tables corretly

– 20 Cameras (for a Dolly Cam)
– 2 Cameras (for a Top Cam, for setup)

Also check the freebies avaliable from 3-D-C that will give you loads of poses and props that work perfect with this set.

Note: This is the equipment set! V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included. Package will also gain value. Check my freebie section on my website for more add ons

A Manual is included to explain best practise and working with this set.

Check out this other K-Azonica Sets:
The Gate, The Apartment, The Corridor Construction Set and the Metro

Remark and known limitations: This product is designed to produce best output in Poser 8 and Poser 2010. It works on Poser 7 (tested) but the lights are looking a little different due to the fact that P7 cannot emulate indirect light. This product loads in DAZ with the usual limitations of lights and cameras.
The Masterdials only work in Poser 7 upward. All items are set to limitations so you can move only how it is designed to move.

.. make your trip now to K-Azonica … and stay …



Product: Rock Bar by 3-D-C

Original Price: 9.99$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/rock-bar-by-3-d-c/81157

“Rock it, baby!”

All right folks. Here comes your rockabilly wester rock bar. You cruised long enough through the desert, now its time for a good pint. So relax, and have a drink on me …

This bar is build in modular way. All Walls, roof, doors etc are boned items to the main figure. You can simply disable them for long focal lens shots or better rendering. All additional figures such as the bar, table sets etc follow the same principle. So, it is not just easy to use, it is also extremly flexible.
The entire set comes with loads of stuff: Figures, Props, Lights, Poses, Cameras, etc. It is really complete so you can easy shoot of and get your renders quickly. A manual is included as well to make it easy setting your bar scene up.
We regularly add content through freebies. Check below to see which freebies make this set more valuable!

Out of the box, this set contains

– Main Walls, figure with pictures and curtains grouped to the walls, all walls are separate bones. Doors can open
– Bar Figure, the main bar, the stools are boned items so you can move them around
– Table Sets 1 – 6, sets of tables loading to the room locations. they are boned as well so you can place the seats around
– Light Figure, the ceiling lights as boned figures, so you can disable one, if it hangs in front of your cam

– All pictures in separate props
– All Curtains in separate props (All curtains have injected morphs to open and close)
– FLag for the Wall
– The Outside setup, a parking lod and anything you need for outside
– the Outside Sign “Steve’s”
– A small stage, to let you V4 or M4 rock
– Monitor Boxes for the stage
– Spotlights for the lower part of the stage
– A Billiard/Pool Table
– Bowls for the Pooltable with Morphs to move around
– A Que for M4’s lower right hand
– A Que for M4’s upper right hand (Check the poses)
– A Beer for Right Hand of M4
– A beer for the left hand of M4

(Lights are designed and tested in poser 2010 / 8  but work in Poser 7 down as well)
– Main Sunlight
– Alternate Sunlight
– Light sets 1 – 7 loading to the table sets
– Stage Light
– Lower Stage Light
– Bar Light
– Alternate Bar Light
– 26 Poses (11 for V4, 14 for M4) All specific to this set
– Two handposes for the beerbottles
– four camera sets
You see, so much in one set, for so little money…. dont miss your chance, rocker!

Please check the Vendor Editoral for more visual outline of this product.

(V4 and M4 figures, clothing or hair not included)
DAZ Studio loads OK, however not all functions supported fully.



Product: SciFi Bar and Canteen 2260 by 3-D-C

Original Price: 11.50$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/scifi-bar-and-canteen-2260-by-3-d-c/73119

“Live is hard enough!”, William said.
“Lets get some drinks and Fun in the Neptuns Bar on Aplha Prime!”

Your search is over, Privateer! Finally we opened our first Bar to give all of you unrestful travellers in space a place to rest and
have a pint.
The Neptuns Bar is a huge place, build in modular way, so you can assemble the parts you need, place the items where you
which and create a complete individual space for your space-cowboys. Dont waste time in looking for single items to be
assembled. This is the one you need, bountyhunter!

Out of the box, this set contains:

Figures and Props:
– seven room parts in modular build (Check the below product pictures for a schematic view)
– boned tabled figure, single and in set. The chairs are boned items, so you have one figure with bones to move the chairs
Very easy to handle
– Set of relaxing couches, as set and as single
– A Bar
– A stool Figure for the bar, the stools are boned items so you can move them along
– a stage prop plus a separate pole for some sexy strip dance
– Ball light props
– Round standing tables as set and as single
– Posters for the Walls
– Bottles for the bar
– Smart Props (A drinking glas and a beer bottle)
– Room parts with Doors can open the doors through a morph inject
– The windowd room parts can open and close the blindings
– Two Individual Bar Signs “Neptuns Bar” and “Venus Inn”

– Modular Light sets for the various room parts (P1-P7)
– Ball Lights
– Stage Lights
– Bar Lights
– Sign Lights
– Sun Lights

– 23 Poses for M4 and V4
– 6 Special Pole Dancer Poses

– different Cameras spotting to various areas of the Bar

The entire set can be reassembled and used as a SciFi Canteen as well. So you can assemble stools, chairs and use one of the over
30 boxed poses to make this look like a star carrier canteen.

This package is so packed with stuff, you probably need a while to find it all out. Really a lot of value for your space credits, privateer!

The set corresponds to our other SciFi 2260 Series Products such as the Medical Sick Bay and the 2260 Apartment.
The modularity of the set makes it easy to work even with long focal lenses and keeps rendering memory low as you
only need to load and apply the set parts you need.
The set has been defined to work with even lower render settings and should still then deliver good quality.
Its designed to work in Poser 6 upward. It may work in D/S 3, however, its not supported through 3-D-C. We did D/S Testing,
and found all objects etc run fine. However, one shader has been Poser exclusive but you may not recognize.