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Product: Ship Elements B1: Hallway Construction Set

Original Price: 9.55$  3,50$ for Prime Members!

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/apocalyptica-watchtower/104027


Herewith you get another nice set for our Apocalyptica Series.

The Watchtower is an Inside and Outside Assembly of a Watchtower.
All Wall parts, doors, roof etc are boned items and can simply be disabled
if whished for long focal lense shot.

All outer stuff like the fence, shed, groundplane etc included.

Lights, Cams, etc included too. Enjoy!!

Works fabolous with our Bombed Jail!

Included in the pack:

– The Watchtower (Boned Figure)
– The Fence (Boned Figure)
– Inner fit out

– Cables
– Groundplane
– Shed

– Nightlight Inside
– Nightlight outside
– Sunlight

– 7 different Dolly Cams

Full Scene set up (Poser) included

Remark: Item is designed for Poser. Loads OK in D/S (See read me for details)

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Thanks for using our sets.