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Product: Airlock 2260

Original Price: 9.80$

Untitled-1  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/airlock-2260/75223“Hold on guys! It’s about to get in!”

No, this is not scary, its only an Airlock. But it is the gateway to outer space, or the planet your station is on, or… or … or….
This is the ultimate Airlock you must have been waiting for. Its a room in modular way, so you can simply assemble the parts together as you may need them.

Out of the box, this set contains:

Figures and Props:
– Wall Parts and Sections to assemble a complete closed room, parts in the front wall sets contain morphs to open the doors
– Ceilings for the Wall Parts
– Floor sets for the parts with Morph Injects to let the gutters slide away
– An inner Airlock System with a large door that opens in two way

– Modular Light System of 19 lights applying to the locale
– Upper Lights
– Floor Spots
– Control Lights
– Door Lights

– 6 Poses for M4 (all special to the set)
– 6 Poses for V4 (all special to the set)
Rem: I recommend using my free poses for M4 and V4 for other setups, check my website for the freebies.

– nine camera sets

The entire set is build in modular way. You only need to load the parts you need.

Wall Parts use morph injects to open the doors. You can also simply assemble this set with my free corridors to connect
the other 2260 series sets, or simlpy make your own scenes.

.The product is designed for Poser use, but we tested in working ok in DAZ 2.3 up.

Rem: V4/M4 Figures, Hair and Clothing not included.