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Product: Alien Spaceship I by 3-D-C

Original Price: 7.20$


During the first War, the Hark One Man Fighter brought a lot of destruction to the humanoid race.
Meanwhile the Hark have concentrated on other vehicle researches, however, the one man fighter is still one of the backbone crafts of the Hark Race.

Out of the box this package contains:

– One Man Fighter Figure
– Poses for D/S and Poser 7 downward to eject the Gear, Flaps and Backdoor
– Poser 8 up can use the bodydials to animate the Landing Gear, Flaps and backdoor

Textures are made for close up rendering.

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Product: Flesh and Bones 1 by 3-D-C

Original Price: 6.99$


Flesh and Bones I

Down Wherever your explorers, privateers, adeventurers or
heros may go, you always can use a good set of flesh and bones, right?
Here comes a set of eight props which can be used on nearly every
horror scene you build.

Out of the box this Set contains:

– Torax 1
– Torax 2
– Torax 3
– Sitting Body
– Leg
– Feet
– Arm
– Skull
– Smartprop Arm (to M4s Hand)
– Blood Plane (comes with displacement map and loads underneath every floor possible)
– Smartprop handpose for M4

Rem: Ensure you enable Displacement Maps in the Render Settings.

This package does NOT work in D/S.

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Product: Apocalyptica Set 03 – Combat I

Original Price: 6.50$



…fight side by side …
Another extension set of our shattered and destroyed world of


This is a pose and prop set to get your V4 and M4 into combat:

– SciFi Riffle for M4 (Smartprop)
– SciFi Riffle for V4 (Smartprop)
– A Gearbox
– Shells

Hands Pose:
– 4 Handposes for M4/V4 to adopt to the Gun

– 21 Poses for M4 in Combat
– 21 Poses for V4 in Combat

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Remark: This product is designed for Poser, it loads in D/S, but we do not support D/S.!

Product: Proton-5 Multibot

Original Price: 8.50$

Untitled-1 … a small evolution step….

The first robots, that was build in the last century, had been put together under the aspect of beeing as much human-alike
as possible. The Proton series didnt make it further than to be the helpers
and multi-work-tools that where needed. A small alternate assemblies of the Proton-5
made it to a war robot, but those had not been seen for a while.

So here is your model:

The Proton-5 Multibot.

The Robot is a character figure. All parts are boned.
Arms, Legs, Eyes, etc they all move throught adopted Masterdials,
therewith they move realistically.

Masterdials in various bodyparts (such as the hands, heads, shoulders, hips)
let you move parts in easy way (Like Grasp Hand etc).

Included in the package are

– Proton-5 Main Figure
– 4 Standard Poses (Null, Stand, Walk, Sleep)

– Tank BackPack

Also check the freebies avaliable from 3-D-C that will give you loads of poses and props that work perfect with this set.

There are much more freebies avaliable that work perfekt with this set!!
Check my Freebie section on Renderosity

A Manual is included to explain best practise and working with this set.

Remark and known limitations: This product is designed for Poser and produces best output in Poser 8 and Poser 2010. The Figure loads to DAZ Studio,but the Masterdials do not function.

A Poser 6/7 and D/S Version Fix is in production.