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Product: Flesh and Bones 3

Original Price: 9.20$


More Flesh more blood and gore!

Here comes our third set of “Flesh and Bones” : Blood and Gore.
Inspired by all these walking undead out there, in need of something
to feed them with. Here is our sets of props that helps you building your
Zombie Scenes.

Included in this set:

– Props:
– Smartpropped Flesh piece for M4 mouth
– Smartpropped Flesh piece for V4 mouth
– Smartpropped Brain to hold in M4s Hands
– Smartpropped Brain to hold in V4s Hands
– Smartpropped Guts V4 is eating
– Smartpropped Guts M4 is eating
– Gore Prop 1
– Gore Prop 2
– Torax 4
– Torax 5
– Skull with leaking eye
– rotten leg
– Blood Plane (Mesh)

– Poses
– Poses for M4 eating Brain
– Poses for V4 eating Brain
– Poses for M4 eating Guts
– Poses for V4 eating Guts

– Expressions
– Expression M4 Eating
– Expression V4 Eating

Props are easy to load and use, just place them in your scene. Done.

In line with our other sets of the F&B series, this is a very comprehensive
Package. Dont miss it!!

THanks for using our sets and check out our other packages in the store.




Product: Scene Fillers – Desk Stuff

Original Price: 9.95$



In need to fill your scenes with more live?

Here comes a very easy to handle Item: The Scene Filler Items are one figure with multiple elements.

This set is to fill your working desk with life and the filler includes:

– Cup
– Writing Set
– Pen 1
– Pen 2
– Credit Card
– Glas
– Lighter
– Clips
– Ashtray
– Papers
– Calculator
– Cigarette Box (can open and close)
– Folder (can open and close)
– Notepad
– Tube Handcream (can morph)
– Box (can open and close)

All the above are single boned items sorted to one figure. You dont need to load separate items. Load just one piece and reassemble as you need.

Preconfigured set up poses are coming with it.

Thanks for using our set and check out our large freebie section….

Product: Climb – Superrope by 3-D-C

Original Price: 8.90$


Up up we go!
Here comes a 100bones super rope with different add ons to make it really versatile!

The Superrope comes as a boned figure injected with 6 masterdials per each bone to bend, swirl and wind before and after.
Its long enough to fill your scenes, whereever your V4s and M4s need to climb around or pull someone out.

5 preset poses for M4 and V4 included
6 preset poses for the rope alone
Mat Poses for topings and endings (Light pipe, dark pipe, rope)
Two different topings and endings (Knod and Pipe)
A HQ version of the Rope (with more polys)

Check out our freebie sections for more add ons to our sets.

Rem.: Please turn on displacement maps

Build for poser, tested in D/S. pre-DS4 users must adjust the Mats on the topings and endings.



Product: PlasmaGun for V4 and M4

Original Price: 8.60$


Heads down!

Ever needed a unique gun for your scifi renders?

Here comes one that is not like the usual Pistols.

This is a Plasma Cutting Device. Once fired, it beams three lasers,
then spins the laser up and down and cuts everything in pieces on its way.

Very efficient against the Monsters and Aliens you are probably fighting during
your adeventures.

This gun is a conforming figure to V4 and M4 and has several parts to animate.

With this set you also get Poses for V4 and M4 to create some action ad hoc.
Hand poses are included as well.

A smart propped fuel Cell is included for V4 and M4.

D/S users: the Masterdial for the Fire wouldnt work. You need to alter the parts



Product: SciFi Smartprop Collection I

Original Price: 8.50$


Here comes our first set of scifi-style smartprops for completing your scifi scenes.
Included in this set you get:

– Communicator (with Morph to open and close)
– Disc Reader (with Morph to open and close and hide the disc)
– HandCuffs
– MiniDisc
– Reader 1 (with morph to eject and inject the reading panel)
– Reader 3 (with morph to extract and show the reading panel)
– Hand-Scanner

All Props come as smartprop for M4 and V4 as well as Null Props dropping on the floor (so you can place them on tables etc)

Also included:
– 14 Poses for V4
– 14 Poses for M4

All for the above described props (hand poses and/or full poses)

– 3 Material Presets (for Posers Material room, D/S need to manual adjust color)

Limitations for D/S users: All Props load as usual and can be used as such, Material presets would only work for Poser

People, Clothing, Hair not included in this set.

Check our large freebie section and other sets here in our store.



Product: Action Toolkit M4

Original Price: 8.50$


This is a set of Basic Essentials for any sort of Action Scenes and sets.

26 Right Poses
26 Left Poses
25 Left Hand Poses
25 Right Hand Poses
22 Expressions

all for M4.

Setup Props are included.

Check out our large freebie section and our other Products here in the store.

Product is designed for Poser and D/S.

Human Figures, Clothing and Hair NOT included.



Product: Action Toolkit V4

Original Price: 8.50$


This is a set of Basic Essentials for any sort of Action Scenes and sets.

25 Right Poses
25 Left Poses
23 Left Hand Poses
23 Right Hand Poses
22 Expressions

all for V4.

Setup Props are included.

Check out our large freebie section and our other Products here in the store.

Product is designed for Poser and D/S.

Human Figures, Clothing and Hair NOT included.



Product: Sandworld – Oasis

Original Price: 9.55$


Doing a long camel ride through the desert?

Take a stop here in this Oasis and rest for a while.

Eleven Poser Props, with morph injected to alter and animate. Build your own little oasis in the middle of the desert.

An entire predefined PZ3 Poser Scene is included.

Included in the set are:

– Tent 1
– Tent 2 with morph to change the closing
– Palm 1 (with morph to bend)
– Palm 2
– Boulders
– Single Bolder (with morphs)
– Fireplace (with morph to hide fire)
– Waterplane
– Sandplane (with morphs)
– Desert Landscape (with morphs)
– Rocks (with morphs)

– Sets for Daylight, Dawn and Night
– Add on for the fireplace

Hemisphere Figure

Poses for the hemisphere

Predefined Poser PZ3 File.

Check out our large freebie space!
(see our website and our content here on Renderosity)

This set fits perfectly to the Sandworld City Construction Set (see below for link)

Note: Hemisphere and Mat sets for Hemisphere are the same as in the Sandworld City Set!
D/S Limitations: All items load OK; Light output looks different due to Posers different capabilities.



Product: Nice Places – Home Sweet Home by 3-D-C

Original Price: 6.80$


“Render it Nicely!”
Often i stumbled acrioss when i wanted to render something closeup, the surroundings where
lacking detail. Herewith you get the first set of a series that is made to detail and
allows you nice close up shots with stunning detail.

The focus on these sets is the detail and ability to render far and close.
They are not build for building large houses or greater surroundings but made for

Get your nice render out of the box!

As usual, we have included light sets and cameras, add on props and background sets. A full manual is included as well. Whereelse do you get this quality for this price? So grab your home sweet home renders now!!

Content of this set:
The room set in a boned figure
Fire for Fireplace
Mediterain Veranda
Modern Veranda
Day Set
Night Set 1
Night Set 2
Fire for Fireplace
5 Dolly Cam Sets
City Scape

Check our website for more free poses and sets.

check out our great freebie world out here on our freestuff section.



Product: Ultimate Smartprop Collection I – Everyday Props

Original Price: 6.20$


They are the essence of all scenes, they make a picture to become a living moment: Smartprops.

I put together the most useful things of life, things you need in mostly every scene of a day.

Inside, find 40 Smartprops (20 each) for M4 and V4, inclusivly their corresponding hand poses for M4 and V4.

– Waterbottle
– Bucket
– Calculator
– Case
– Cigarette right
– Cigarette left
– CoffeeCup (Alu)
– Credits
– Fork
– Wineglas
– large knife
– Money
– rolled Newspaper
– Notepad
– Paper
– Pen
– Metal Pipe
– Screwdriver
– Spoon
– Spray

All Smartprops load to M4s/V4s Hand (right or left, depending on prop).

Something very very useful in everything you do…. Enjoy!