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Product: Apocalyptica Set 01 – Post War Building 01

Original Price: 10.50$

Untitled-1—post-war-building-01/85613After the war …
A light wind blew through the ruins and left that bad taste of post war… welcome to


This first set gives you a good portion to start with:

– Building 01, which is a boned building. All parts can be separatly hidden or moved.
Through that you can easily apply different styles. Four are included, applyable by poses
– Lamps for this building
– A Hemisphere of broken and nuked buildings

– A Yellow Barrel (With Morhps)
– A Green Barrel (With Morhps)
– A Bed (Matrace on wood)
– A Chair
– Debris 01
– Debris 02
– Debris 03
– A Ladder
– A Lamp (With morphs)
– Another Lamp (With morphs) ( Other Style )
– A Matrace (with Morphs)
– Wodden Pallet
– Rubble
– Stool
– A Table (Four Stones and a Woodplate)
– Stuff for this table

– Street planes (Crossroad, Straight, Straight with bombhole, plaster)

– Night Light Ambience
– Daylight (Parented to the Hemisphere, just rotate the Hemisphere and your lights rotate with it)
– Night Light for a Streetlamp (Smartpropped)
– Night lights for the house lamps

– Full Figure Poses: 18 Poses for M4/V4 assigned to the props above
– 9 Poses for M4 / V4 for the Building
– 4 Mat poses for the Hemisphere
– 4 Style Poses for the Building

– 14 Cams included

A Manual how to use this set is included.

There are much more freebies avaliable that work perfekt with this set!!
Check my Freebie section on Renderosity

Remark: This is the environement product. M4/V4 shown in the renders, clothing and hair, cars or birds are not included. This is a Poser designed product. Items may load in DAZ but lights behave different as shown in the sample renders.



Product: Basement and Subway Construction Set by 3-D-C

Original Price: 12.20$


..Down Suburbian..
The streets sceneries evolve… once you have passed all the sideways and roads, your walk brings you under ground: Here comes your set to build either a large suburbian subway or a basement, or a room set underground, or whatsover:
The Basement/Subway Construction Kit
This kit is an assembly of 7 Main Parts, which fit together in size and style, enabling you to make a quick render of an underground scenery, or build a real large scene. Whatever you whish.
As like the other construction sets, this has every part to be a figure and all connected items to be a bone. No fiddling around placing lamps or doors or wall stuff. It is all preloaded and attached. Simply enable or disable what you need or dont need.
Want to do long focal renders? No problem, simply disable any wallitem, or door, or ….
Predefined poses let you do this quickly.
Every Wall has nine preattached posters, which you can style, move, hide etc.
Every Part can be colored in various styles. All come predefined and loadable through pose sets. Every wall can be colored on its own. You probably have never expiriences such great versatility.
In completion, this set comes with 20 preset poses for M4 and V4, our freebie sets expand this by multiples. Check out our freebie sections.

Out of the box, this set contains:
– The Curve Part (All items boned), 2 Walls
– The End Part (All items boned) , 3 Walls
– The Straight Part (All items boned) , 2 Walls
– The T-Part Part (All items boned) , 1 Wall
– The X-Part (All items boned)
– The Stairs Part (All items boned) , 2 Walls
– The RollStairs Part (All items boned) , 2 Walls
– A Pipe Adopter, to adopt multiple pipes
Pose Presets:
– Hide Door
– Show Door
– Hide Posters
– Show Posters
– 10 poses for M4
– 10 poses for V4
Material Presets
– 15 different Material presets for all walls
– 4 different Material presets for the floor
– 4 different Light presets (Ambience, Wall Light, Up Lights)

– A Can
– An open crate
– A closed crate
– Wastepaper Bin
– Stuff for a begging poor

– A Can for M4 and V4

– Handposes for the above smartprops for V4 and M4

There a lot of freebies avaliable at our website and here on Renderosity to complete and expand this set with stuff. Check out our freebie section:

A complete Manual and Assembly Compendium is included. we understand this is a very complex set, and we ask you for a little patience for a learning curve using it to its full extend.
However, we try to keep our stuff as flexible as possible to allow it to be used in a lot of ways.

Usage Limitations and Remarks:
– This is an environment set. V4/M4 Figures, clothes, hair are not included!
– This set has been designed for use with Poser. It works with D/S but the light output is different. We do not provide support for D/S.
– The rendered pictures shown are done with Poser Pro. Poser 7 or downward cannot produce indirect light, which results in different output in the lightning athmosphere.



Product: Laundrette

Original Price: 8.80$


“Get it clean, baby!”

Have some dirty laundry to clean, buddy? Your washer at home isnt working? Or just wanna meet some people out there? Yeah, we all know that times what mother was stopping washing for us and we had to look into the ways to get our panties clean …

Now, here comes your way to get your laundry washed: The Laundrette! A complete set fitting into the street live series, works perfectly together with the streets set avaliable as freebies through 3-D-C.

Com’ On, lets get undressed and wash it!

All Walls are boned in one figure, easy to load and easy to handle. Simply use the visibility tag in the object properties to hide walls or items. Even the washers are boned figures. You can easily open every door single.
Still so, you can still reassemble the entire set to make it bigger, or use the middle walls at different locations. Designed to give you the maximum useability and flexibility you need! Make long focal lense shots throught hiding walls. Forget about using 25mm lenses and distorted pictures.

Designed and made to render realistic stories. Work best with Poser 8 up, but also downward and under DAZ Studio.

Content of this set:

– Main Walls as boned figure with BackWall, FrontWall, RightWall, LeftWall, Door, Middlde Wall
– Grouped to the Walls are the Posters as Props
– Washers Row 1: Six Washers with boned doors
– Wahsers Row 2: Three Washers with boned doors

– 11 Poses for M4
– 11 Poses for V4

– four different front signes: Laundrette, Wash Salon, Waschsalon, Lavarie
– Cashier desk with Cash Machine
– Drawer
– Single Box
– Stool
– Table
– Bank
– Upper Walls for outside renders
– Smartprops:
M4: Washpowder, Liquid and Wash Box (Poses included!)
V4: Washpowder, Liquid and Wash Box (Poses included!)

– Daylight
– Nightlight Inner
– Combination of both

– Three basic cams

Check our website for more free poses and sets.

works ideal with our set of street freebies avaliable through our website

This set ties into the set of street. Check our store for more street stuff.

This set contains environmental stuff. V4 and M4 figures, clothes, hair not included.
Cars not included.

Designed for use in Poser. Works in DAZ D/S 2.3 up as well.
Best results achieved with Poser 8 up with Indirect Lightning.



Product: Standard Apartment by 3-D-C

Original Price: 10.99$


“Home sweet home”

I got a little tired of all this “hip” and “stylish” apartments and newish stuff. So i thought about having a very simple but standard apartment build, about 1000sqft (90 sqm), usually, what people life in. And in conjunction to the other street stuff i am working on, it seamed very clear: This is a must do!

So i set down for a while and modeled all this here. A complete set with all you need to start over. The wall sets are completly boned. Every single wall can be disabled singular. Props such as like the curtains and pictures are all grouped to the walls. No Single loading. The kitchen, and other stuff, are also boned figures: You can open every single cabinet or the oven or or or …

To add additional value, the floors and walls are all UV mapped in a way, you can simple swap or apply different floor styles or wallpapers. We added single materials to the set, so simply select the piece of the floor or wall you would like to change and load a different style.

Ah, if renovation would always be so easy!

Out of the box, this set contains:

– Room Set, complete CR2 with all walls boned
– Grouped to the above: Curtains, Wall Pictures and Heaters
the curtains all have morphs to open and close
– Kitchen Figure no 1 (oven part), boned to let you open all cabinets and the oven
– Kitchen Figure no 2 (Sink part), boned to let you open all cabinets
– Living Room Cabinet, boned to let you open the cabinet
– Bathroom Set, grouped to the toilet, all items for the bathroom
including the openable toilet, a curtain-style shower (with morphs to open the curtain), sink, bathtube, etc
– Table Set, table CR2 with grouped Stools

– Bathroom Shower and Tube
– Bathroom Sink and Towel
– Bed
– Cabinet for Sleeping room (incl. Morphs to open)
– Couchtable
– Couches
– Plant
– A plasma TV
– a pot for the oven
– 11 different light props (from a single bulp to a spot set etc etc)

(Lights are designed and tested in poser 2010 / 8  but work in Poser 7 down as well)
– Main Sunlight
– Various different light sets (Loadable in stackmode), applying to different items, such as the kitchen oven, the eating table lamp, etc

– 20 different poses to this set for M4 and V4 (check the content snapshot)

– 11 camera sets

– Three predefined mat sets for the doors (light wood, dark wood, white wood)
– Single Materials for the walls and floors
Four Floor sets: Set 1-3, Carpet
Tiles for the bathroom: Light Tiles, dark tiles
Wallpaper sets 1-6
Wood (Bright, Dark, White)
Outside Walls

There are much more useful freebies in our freebies area!
The Entire set is build for external use as well. Check my freebies for additional items such as the streets etc.

You waited long enough. Move into your own walls, now!

A new Extension Set is avaliable!

Remark for D/S Users: The set works in DAZ Studio 2.3 up, however, the loadable material sets that come with this set are designed for Poser. In D/S you must apply the textures by hand in case you want to change the styles.



Product: Staircase and Hallway by 3-D-C

Original Price: 8.90$



“Hang around, Gangsta!”

Time is a monster, so i had badly done on this building. This is a old, used staircase and hallway, something you definitly need for your comic books or stories. When i worked on modelling this, a lot of stories popped into my mind what to do with it: from Gangster Stories to Agent Films, etc…

  The Entire Set is split into four main parts: The Staircase, the Hallway, the room and the exterieur. All parts are separate figures and all those figures have their walls beiing separate bones. So, you can load it in one, but disable every single piece to allow long focal lense shots?

Can something be more comfortable?

The set has been modelled, to allow different styles. Over time i will add more style sets through my freebies, so you can make this worn, old set to a new styles set or whatever. Stay tuned, more is coming.
Out of the box, this set contains:

– Main Staircase Figure with boned walls and Doors (with morphable curtains)
– Main Hallway Section with eight Doors (with morphable curtains)
– Exterieur Set with a fake wall and stoned ground
– A single room (with morphable curtains)

– A Dumpster (small) with injected Morph to slide the lid

(Lights are designed and tested in poser 2010 / 8  but work in Poser 7 down as well)
– Main Daylight light
– Nightlight for the Staircase
– Nightlight for the Hallway
– Outer Nightlight
– Single Room Light

– 22 different poses to this set for M4 and V4 (check the content snapshot)

– 8 camera sets

There are much more useful freebies in our freebies area!
The Entire set is build for external use as well. Check my freebies for additional items such as the streets etc.

Need a place to hang around gangsta? Here it is!
Remark for D/S Users: The set works in DAZ Studio 2.3 up. However has limited tested in DAZ.!

Product: Rock Bar by 3-D-C

Original Price: 9.99$


“Rock it, baby!”

All right folks. Here comes your rockabilly wester rock bar. You cruised long enough through the desert, now its time for a good pint. So relax, and have a drink on me …

This bar is build in modular way. All Walls, roof, doors etc are boned items to the main figure. You can simply disable them for long focal lens shots or better rendering. All additional figures such as the bar, table sets etc follow the same principle. So, it is not just easy to use, it is also extremly flexible.
The entire set comes with loads of stuff: Figures, Props, Lights, Poses, Cameras, etc. It is really complete so you can easy shoot of and get your renders quickly. A manual is included as well to make it easy setting your bar scene up.
We regularly add content through freebies. Check below to see which freebies make this set more valuable!

Out of the box, this set contains

– Main Walls, figure with pictures and curtains grouped to the walls, all walls are separate bones. Doors can open
– Bar Figure, the main bar, the stools are boned items so you can move them around
– Table Sets 1 – 6, sets of tables loading to the room locations. they are boned as well so you can place the seats around
– Light Figure, the ceiling lights as boned figures, so you can disable one, if it hangs in front of your cam

– All pictures in separate props
– All Curtains in separate props (All curtains have injected morphs to open and close)
– FLag for the Wall
– The Outside setup, a parking lod and anything you need for outside
– the Outside Sign “Steve’s”
– A small stage, to let you V4 or M4 rock
– Monitor Boxes for the stage
– Spotlights for the lower part of the stage
– A Billiard/Pool Table
– Bowls for the Pooltable with Morphs to move around
– A Que for M4’s lower right hand
– A Que for M4’s upper right hand (Check the poses)
– A Beer for Right Hand of M4
– A beer for the left hand of M4

(Lights are designed and tested in poser 2010 / 8  but work in Poser 7 down as well)
– Main Sunlight
– Alternate Sunlight
– Light sets 1 – 7 loading to the table sets
– Stage Light
– Lower Stage Light
– Bar Light
– Alternate Bar Light
– 26 Poses (11 for V4, 14 for M4) All specific to this set
– Two handposes for the beerbottles
– four camera sets
You see, so much in one set, for so little money…. dont miss your chance, rocker!

Please check the Vendor Editoral for more visual outline of this product.

(V4 and M4 figures, clothing or hair not included)
DAZ Studio loads OK, however not all functions supported fully.



Product: Boutique/Shop by 3-D-C

Original Price: 9.10$


(Please check the vendor editoral for an illustrated description)

Lets go Shoppin’!

Have you ever wondered where V4 gets all her clothes from?

Here it comes:

The Boutique…

This Set is a modular set of the boutique and the props assigned. A Puppet for V4 is also included (you need at least V4 base for it, avaliable from the DAZ website). Cover and Cloth your Favorite V4 with the dresses you like….

This set is complete with lights, poses, props, cameras and all you need. You will not find any package so complete for such a little price.

Get your shop now!

(Rem.: Clothing shown in sample renders is not included in this package. You can cloth any V4 wearing to the Puppet)

Out of the box this Set contains:


– Main Room, with boned walls, all wall props preloaded and assigned to the walls
– A Mirror (can swing)

– 14 Poses for V4, all special to this set
– Mat Pose and relax Pose for the V4 Puppet (check instructions how to use the puppet)


– The Puppet Prop (Stand for the V4 Puppet)
– Cabin 1 and 2 , both contain morphs to open and close the curtain
– Cashier Desk with Cashier
– Cothing Stand
– Curtain for the Backwall
– Desk Lamp
– Office Desk
– PC for the Desk (with Morphs to move around)
– Musicboxes
– Office Chair
– Sign for the Outer Wall
– Posters for the Walls (Come preloaded)
– Posterstand for the front walls
– Racks for the Office with Binders
– Rummage Table
– Shelf 1 – 5 with fillments
– Stools for the cabins
– A fake upper wall for outside rendersd (comes preloaded as well)


– 7 Lights for this set (Day. Night, Ambient, Inside Main and Office, Spots etc)


– 8 Cameras for this set


– A plastic bag smartprop for V4
– A handpose for the plastic bag

We Constantly add value through freebies. Check our website and our store for more sets and items
that work perfectly with this set.

Note: This is the equipment set! Cars, V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included.

Check our Store for more stuff.

.. le’me guess, you are still undecided …?
Pick this up, NOW!

Manual included.



Product: Tanning Salon

Original Price: 9.50$


“The Sun is On!”

OK, summer is comming, have your V4’s got the right tan for the sun? Here is your ultimate tanning studio to get the sun on your V4’s body! This environment set comes completely with poses, lights, props and cams, everything you need to get it on…
All wall items of this environement set are build upon boned figures, so every wall can be disabled and therewith allow long focal lense shots, regardless in which part of the room you do your shots. Even the wooden cabins are boned, so you can easily enable and disable parts of it.

The solariums (sub banks) come with grouped light sets so you can even render fine in pre-8-poser versions.
Out of the box, this set contains

– Main walls (Left, Right, Back, Front, Ceiling, Floor and Middle wall)
– grouped Props to the walls : Blinds (openable through morphs), Posters
– Cabin 1 to 3, all boned and openable doors
– Solarium 1 and 2 (for lying down)
– Solarium 3 a sitting up-body tanner
– Seat and table sets (two)
– The toilet set with openable toilets, doors and boned walls

– Banks for the tanning cabins (1-3)
– The front desk
– The stool for the front desk
– a fake outside wall
– Two Plants
– Single items for the wall blinds and posters

(Lights are designed and tested in poser 2010 / 8  but work in Poser 7 down as well)
– Main Sunlight
– Ceiling Spots
– Wall Spots for all Walls (Separate)
– Solarium Lights

– Nine essential poses for V4 (for this set) check my freebies for more free poses

– five camera sets

The Entire set is build for external use as well. Check my freebies for additional items such as the streets etc.

Enjoy your sun and get the right tan before the beach season!



Product: Tuning Garage by 3-D-C

Original Price: 9.99$


Pimp the car, buddy!

Cars had always been my favorite in 3D, but where shall we park and pimp it?

Here is your ultimate tuning garage! A modular set of a 4-partet Garage with an entire set of props, lights, cams and poses to start your furious scenes!

This set gives you an excellent set of stuff for little money. All items you need are included:

– Room/Building Part A1 to B2 (4 parts) all boned walls. Simply disable the bone of the wall you would like to be invisible.
– A lift figure, all parts boned so you can simply move it up and down and spread the arms
– A Cabin Figure… with boned walls and the door as well

– A Ramp for Performance Measure
– Outside Signs and Bell
– Posters for all Walls
– Racks (Various)
– Tool Walls for the Walls
– Large Outside Sign
– Cabin Chair
– Cabin Desk Lamp
– Cabin Desk (Injected Morphs for the Trays)
– Cabin PC
– Rack with Folders
– Single Barrel
– Set of Various Barrels
– Set of Boxes
– A Broom (Single and as Smartprop for M4)
– Creeper
– Roll Containers
– Set of Tires (With Morph to alter)
– Workdesks
– A fakewall (for outside)

– M4 Broom
– V4 Sponge
– V4 Racing Flag

– Sunlight (Ambient + Full)
– Neon Light Sets for A1 – B2 + Ambient
– Sidewall Lights for the Walls (all stackable)
– Cabin Side Light
– Desk Light
– PC Light
– Front Wall Lights for A1 and A2

– 7 Poses for M4 (for the Set)
– 8 Poses for V4  (for the Set)
– 8 Poses for V4 for various Cars
– 3 Poses for M4 for various Cars
–  2 Handposes for V4

– six different Cameras

Check the Renders Buddy. This set is your start into the underground racing scene. Get your gang to meet in the nights to tune their cars and have some races! All items had been modelled and designed for best handling. Items for Figures come with the appropiate pose.

Easy to handle, easy to render. Textures weight balance of quality and render speed.

Check it out man!

The Light settings give you easy to apply Lights to turn your scenes from Day to Night Scenes.

We constantly add value to our products by adding free stuff. Check our Freebie Section on our website or here on Renderosity for more.

Note: This is the equipment set! Cars, V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included.

Check our Store for more stuff.

.. 2 FAST 4 YOU …?
try, if you dare!



Product: Photostudio by 3-D-C

Original Price: 11.50$

Untitled-1 wanted to learn how photographers work
in a studio? Here is your ultimate way to do it!

The Photostudio by 3-D-C is a modular build room set of an amateur photo studio. But it is not only the interieur… this is really a learning center. It works like a real photostudio…:

Load your flashes, attach extensions such as softboxes or spots to it, then load out of 32 lights for the flashes and assemble a proffessional photoshoot!

The Light system comes with 4 different intensitives for each extension. The manual included explains the use.

With an camera attached to your photographers hand, you can easily look through your photographers cam and see what he would see! This way, you can really imagine, how your lights and flashes would look in reality.

If you ever wanted to do a photo course, here is your poser way to do it!

BUT: Therewith, not enough:

Out of the box, this set contains:

– Wall Sets P1-P3, boned figures, you can enable/disable visibility of the walls you need or dont need. Easy to assemble
– Ceiling Flash, Boned Figure of a Flash mounted to Ceiling
– A Mirror (Boned Figure)
– A Standflash, Boned Figure of a standing flash
– A boned Padawan Figure (For throughshoot and reversed for Backlighting)

– Six Extensions for the Flashes: Three for each (Ceiling and Stand): Softbox Large, Softbox Small and Spotlight
– Ashtray
– Paperbin
– Chair (Desk)
– Cloth Holder
– Couches
– Desk (with Morphs)
– Dressing Cabin
– Magazines
– Dresser (With Morphs)
– Music Rack and Boxes
– Outer Backgrounds (With Day and Night Settings)
– Plexi Box (With Morphs)
– Shoe Rack (with Shoes)
– Rack with Morphs
– Wall Rack With Stuff
– Small Stool
– Stand Lamps
– Table
– Wood Stool (Small and Large)
– A Photo Cam Smartprop loading to M4s Hand
– A Comb Smartprop for V4

Standard Lights:
– Ambient, Ceiling, Sunlight
Conforming Lights (Loading to prop)
– Standlamp, PC, Dresser Light
Flashlight System:
32 Lights, 4 intensities for each flash extension

– 27 Poses for V4/M4
– two handposes for M4/V4 Smartprops

– Five Mat Sets for the Background Paperplane
– Two Mat Sets for the Outer Background

– seven camera sets for a dolly cam

Rem: Victoria 4 or Michael 4 figure, character, clothing or hair not included!

C’mon Mr Photographer! Get into Business!