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Product: Insane Asylum 2: Furniture and Props


Original Price: 8.60$ ; PRIME: 3.50 US$

Here is a versatile pack of furniture and props for your asylum.
Or actually for any sort of ruin/apocalyptic scene.

Figure/Boned Items can open trays, open doors etc.

Included in the pack:


– Board 1 (Can open doors and trays)
– Board 2 (can open doors)
– Sideboard (can open doors and trays)
– Separator (3-part boned)

– Metal-Bed
– Old Matrace
– Infusion Holder
– Stool
– Table
– Wheelchair

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rem.: Designed for Poser, works in D/S

Product: Insane Asylum 1: Corridor/Room Construction Set


Original Price: 11.45$


Welcome to the Insane Asylum.

Herewith we start another light series of a run down Environment.
The Insane Asylum 1 is a corridor and room construction set of very versatile options:

With the given X, T, Curve and Straight Parts you can actually build very complex corridor
sets, rooms or halls. All Parts are boned and walls have the option to be door, window or
straight parts. You can simply alter a wall by applying a different pose. No need to re-assemble.

Preset Sets included as well as add on stuff and Light Sets.

Included in this set:


– Corridor X Part
– Corridor T Part
– Corridor Straight Part
– Corridor Curve Part
– Corridor End Part
– Corridor set : Corridor
– Corridor set : Medium room
– Corridor set : Small room


– Preset poses for the walls


– Daylight Preset
– Lamp Light Preset


– Sink (With Mirror moprh injected)
– Toilet
– Bed
– Paper Waste
– Ceiling Lamp


– Athmosphere

Build in Texture lines with our Industrial Multi Room so they fit in style.

Rem.: Build for Poser, loads OK in D/S

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Product: Apocalyptic Strip Club for IMR by 3-D-C


Original Price: 9.55 US$  Prime: 3.50 US$


Here comes a nice add on set for the INdustrial Multi Room.

Even though it is build to be an expansion, all items work on their own.

This expansion set will transform your Industrial Multi Room into a run-down strip club, ready for entertainment in any post apocalyptic stories or just for nice renders as you like.

Included in the set:


– Preset Full Add on Scene including all props at the right places
– Holder prop
– Cage with open-able door
– Preset Seat sets
– Bar Set
– Ceiling Lamps
– Table toppings


– Bar Stool
– Entrance Curtains
– Stage Curtains
– Dancing Stage with hide-able pole
– Music Boxes
– Seat
– Sofa
– Wall Sign 1
– Wall Sign 2
– Stage Lights
– Table 1
– Table 2

– Bar Lights
– Stage Lights Up
– Stage Lights Down
– Ceiling Lamps
– Cage Lights

– Smoky Room Atmosphere

– Industrial Room Mat/Preset Pose
– Poster Mat preset

Thanks for using our sets and stay tuned for more add on stuff to this and our other series.
Also check out the dirty Red room set, build to match the style of this expansion!!

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Rem.: This set is build for poser. All items load OK in D/S. Check read me for potential limitations.

Product: Industrial Multi Room


Original Price: 10.30$


Here comes a set that is going to be extended with add on stuff over time:

The Industrial Multi Room is a very versatile room set, build to take on any
sort of industrial work or storage you want to add.

The room is a setup in one figure with all parts boned so you can easily move or
disable any of the items.

Additionally you receive Lights, Props and three different material presets.

Included in the set:


– Room Set as one figure
– Cage with openable door
– Posters for the walls


– Three preset material sets
– three different styles of the pillar sets


– Barrel
– Metal-Board
– Box 1 and Box 2
– Bucket
– PLatform
– Alternate Stairs


– UP Lights
– Side Lights

Materials as set in the easy poses

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Look out of future coming expansions!

Thanks for using our sets

Rem: Poser build. Loads OK in D/S. check readme for potential limitations

Product: Dirty Red Room


Original Price: 9.55$; Prime Members: 3,50US$


Here comes an interesting expansion but also standalone item for you!

Beginning with this, we start a three parted expansion of the SciFi City Scene
called “The Redlight District Expansion”.

The first set within it is “The Dirty Red Room”.

This is a multiparted room set with props, lights and basic poses included.

The room has all walls, doors, curtains, ceiling etc boned to be easily hidden.

Walls have separate material tags. Any tileable materials could be used on those,
which makes the set very flexible in usage.

Included in the set:

– Dirty Red room (Boned item)
– Cupboard (boned item)
– stool
– Couchseat
– Bed/Matracecover
– Light Set
– 5 Basic V4 Poses
– Room poses to disable/enable walls

Other 3-D-C sets that will fit nicely to and with this set:

– Beauty Props
– Staircase and Hallway

Tip/Hint: Since the room has a couple of reflection surfaces (mirrors) it renders best
if you use the “Visible in Camera” tag unticket to render through a wall instead of hiding it.

D/S Users: Items load OK in D/S. Some surfaces may look a bit different than in Poser.

Product: Exclusive Villa 3: Kitchen


Original Price: 11.45$


Here comes Set number 3 for our Exclusive Villa Series.

This will bring you an entirely furnished Kitchen with
hundres of possibilities.

All items are boned and so you can open trays and doors etc.

Included is a high number of single materials you can apply.
Each wall and items material sets are set in a way you can simply
taint your kitchen in a complete different style.

Most flexibility, most versatility!!

Included in the set are:

Boned Items:

– Entire Room with walls, doors etc boned
– IBL Helper
– Kitchen Tableset
– Fridge
– Cupboard Set 1
– Cupboard Set 2
– Wastebin
– Cocking place
– Sidetable Set with Chairs
– Pictures
– Deco Stuff

– Blinds (can open and lift)
– Exhaust-Hood
– Sideboard
– Stool (Metal and woodstool)
– TableCover Sets
– Lamps

– Sunlights
– Internal Lights

– 45 different material items (Note: This work only through poser)

Complete Preset Scene with IBL Set included.

Manual Included.

Please also check out the other Sets of this series:

– Bath and Sleeping Room (Part 1)
– Living and Dining Room (Part 2)

Also check out the great freebies we offer to complete your scenes.

Note: This set is designed for Poser. Items load OK in D/S. Material sets can only applied through the Poser Mat room. In D/S you need to apply the materials by yourselves.

Product: Exclusive Villa 2: Livingroom

Living Room Sample Render

Original Price: 14.90$


Here comes Part 2 of our Supervilla Series: The Livingroom.
This large room has a dining area and a relaxing area with
a fireplace. It adopts to the length side of the Bedroom and Bathroom.

This set comes with a ton of furniture, all separatly boned and
very versatile in its use. Included are as well a lot of different
materials to allow you to paint your house in a different style.

Included in this set:


– Living Room as boned figure
– Illumination Helpers for the windows
– Lights and Crownlighter
– Curtains and Blinds
– Fireplace
– Pictures

Furniture (Figures and Props)
– couch Set (all boned)
– Table Set (all boned)
– Large cupboard (with books and decoration)
– Small Cupboard (with toppings)
– Table Cover
– 2 Plants
– Couch table
– Padawan (Boned, foldable)
– Floorlamp (with IBL Helper)

– Crownlighter Lights
– Spots 1
– Spots 2
– Sunlight emulator

– 40 different materials for various sets

Also check out the Bedroom and Bathset which perfectly fits to this one (Bathdoor is the side door).
More items to come.

Check out our freebie area for more add ons and freestuff.

Thanks for using our sets!

Rem: Package is build for Poser, works in D/S with a few limitations (check read me).

Product: Exclusive Villa 1: Bath and Bedroom

– 11 Free Cams for this set : Download here : 3dc-sv1-freecam-1

Original Price: 12.90$


Welcome to our newest Series: The Exclusive Supervilla.

This Set will bring you sections of a exclusive villa with the
various sections of Living.

This time you get the first set: The Bed and Bathroom.

The set is modelled with great sense to detail and fine texture
sets to make it look as realistic as possible. Even though the
set is boned and rigged so you can easily hide walls, move doors
or rearrange the entire set as you would like to.

A complete preset scene is included as well as light sets and all
single materials.

Want to paint the walls different? No problem. All Material groups are
separated so you can easily make each wall different or simply select
the wall and apply a preset material set.

Furniture can open doors and move trays, all lights such as the lamps
have preset IBL helpers for IBL rendering. Perfect outputs and nice
looking interieurs.

Included in this set are:

Figure/Rigged Items:

– Room Set (Bath and Bedroom)
– IBL Helper
– Furniture Items:
– Exclusive Bed
– Bedstuff
– Toilet
– Curtains for the Bedroom (with Morphs)
– cupboard (rigged)
– Wardrobe (rigged)
– Nightboard with Lamp (IBL included)
– Standlamp


– Bathtube
– Blinds for the Bath (with Morphs)
– Lamp Bathroom
– Lamp Bedroom
– Side Lamps Bathroom
– Mirror bedroom
– Mirror bathroom
– Sink
– Stool
– Towelholder


– Sunlight
– Lights bedroom
– Lights Bathroom

– All single Materials in Mt5 format (only for poser)

Complete Assembled Scene for Poser included.

Works perfect with IBL Lights

There are more parts coming soon for this series. Stay tuned!!

Thanks for using our sets.

D/S Users: This set loads fine in D/S. A few shaders or light presets render slightly differently in D/S.

Manual: manual

Product: Ship Elements B2: SciFi Apartment

Original Price: 9.99$


Here you get your SciFi Apartment B2 aligning up with the B1 Corridor Sets.
It works as a standalone product as well.

Get your Space travellers some room to rest and work. Included in this set are:

– Core B2 element.All walls, trays, windows, doors etc are boned and can be hidden
moved and animated. A set of masterdials are set up to open doors, windows and trays

– Table/Chair set, boned to move separate parts

– Bed Set with morphs injected into the Bed Cover

– 6 Basic Poses for M4 and V4

– Style preset poses to apply Science, Executive and Alien Styles

A versatile and easy to use set for a comprehensive Scifi Space.

Product is designed for Poser use, works in D/S

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our large section of freebies.



Product: Evil Sanctuary

Original Price: 12.90$


The quest of Evil continues.

Here comes another HQ Set of our Underworld Series: The Evil Sanctuary.
You need a place for your demons to rest? Something evil can hide away?
Or are you simply looking for a praying room for your adventureres?

The Evil Sanctuary comes out of the box with:

– Sanctuary   (All walls, doors, ceiling etc are boned and can individually moved or hidden away)
– Hemisphere
– Tomb 1 (Can Open, Skeleton included)
– Tomb 2 (Can open)
– IBL Helpers
– Torches

– Day/Night Preset pose for the hemisphere

– Altar
– Pentagram
– Outside Landscape

– Torch Lights
– Daylight

Additional Hemisphere Mats included.

Check out our other parts of the Underworld Series:
– Dungeon Construction Set
– Graveyard
– Underworld: Hell

More to come.

Remark: Item has been build for Poser. Loads in ok D/S with some particular differences in material settings and light output.