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Product: Debris and Trash

Original Price: 8.50$



You need some stuff to fill your apocalyptic sceneries?
Here come 12 very useful Debris packs which you can easily drop
into your scenes to fill them with rubbish and trash.

– Mix of tiles, stones and wood
– Stones and Tiles
– Wood Stuff
– rotten cloth
– Stones, bricks and pipes
– dirt and stones
– broken glas and bottles
– pipes and heaters
– rotten matrace
– crates and cans
– cables, switches and sockets
– gutters and screws

Very easy to handle, but its that simple stuff that bring live and reality
to your scenes.

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Product is designed for Poser, but works in D/S without problems.

Thanks for using our products..

Product: Forgotten Basement by 3-D-C

Original Price: 13.90$




Trapped, forgotten, lost?
Here is a perfect basement set to start your dark imaginary worlds and stories.
The forgotten basement is a boned basement figure. All walls, doors, ceiling, floor, gutters etc are boned items and can be easily disabled through the visibility tag. No loading of separate walls, just fire away.
Included in this set are:
– Main Room Set
– Outer Wall helpers (To allow light to shine from the outside in)
– Chain Set (With easy pose injected to bend, swirl and twist)
– Wooden Parter
– V4 Chair poses (2x)
– V4 Bed Poses (3x)
– V4 Chain Poses (6x)
– Chain Poses for above (6x)
– V4 Gutter Pose
– Adjustement poses for the chains and V4 figure to place them in different areas of the room
– Barrel Prop (with morhps to alter)
– Beer Crate with bottles (with morhps to alter)
– Sack Prop (with morhps to alter)
– Stool
– Wooden table
– Stuff for the table
– Bucket
– All inner light set
– Outer Light set
– 5 Dolly preset cams
– Athomsphere preset
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This set is designed for Poser and loads ok in D/S Studio (2.3 and higher).
Known limitations in D/S: Light output is slightly different
Stay tuned for more from the Apocalyptica Series:
– Ruined House
– Megapack
– Combat
– Old House

Product: Old House by 3-D-C

Original Price: 15.99$


Welcome to the new Apocalypse!

Extending our Apocalyptic Series, here comes a new Set you will love to use.


Is a very versatile and complete set of an old apocalyptic house, worn and dirty
and just the right place to start your next stories!

The old house set comes with a complete set of animate-able furnitures, detailed
textures and extreme versatility to use it.

All walls, doors or pieces on the base are boned items, so they can be moved or
disable and allow long focal lense shots. Furniture pieces have doors and bins
boned so they can open and swing. Other parts such as the curtains contain morphs
to open and close.

Light Sets and Cams included as well as a preset Scene.

Nothing holds you back now, so go for a next round of Horror and Apocalypse!!

Included in this set are:

Figure Items (boned):

– Base Room (moveable doors, walls, pics, fireplace, ceiling etc)
– Staircase (openable door)
– Ceiling Lamps (All Lamps are separate bones)

– Bath Furniture (Bath Tube, Mirror, Sink, Toilet can open)
– Cupboard 1 (openable bins and doors)
– Curtains (with morphs)
– Kitchen 1 (with Sink, openable doors and bins)
– Kitchen 2 (tiles can me moved away, openable doors)
– Large Cupboard (openable doors, yes! Hide your Zombies in here)
– Rack1 (plates, books can be disabled and moved)
– Single Lamp (disable the bulp etc)
– Small Cupboard (openable Bins)
– Tableset (all Chairs etc can be moved around)

– Bed
– Fire
– Standing Lamp
– Seat
– Sofa
– Table Living room
– Table Stuff
– Veranda (loads in front of house)
– Wood for the fireplace

– All Set (all lights for ceiling Lamps)
– Sun Set (to shine from the outside)
– Fireplace Light

– Seven Dolly Cam Presets

– Athmosphere Set
– 2 add on Wood Materials

A full manual is included.

We already started creating the next parts for this series so stay tuned and check
our large freebie area for helpful and add on stuff!

Usage Limitations: This set is designed for POSER but loads fine in D/S. Some light outputs
behave a little different in D/S. Hence we dont explicitly produce for D/S we havent rendered
samples in D/S but tested all stuff loading OK.

We also recommend to look at our “Flesh and Bones” Series which perfectly look nice
with this set.

Thanks for your support of our products.



Product: Flesh and Bones 3

Original Price: 9.20$


More Flesh more blood and gore!

Here comes our third set of “Flesh and Bones” : Blood and Gore.
Inspired by all these walking undead out there, in need of something
to feed them with. Here is our sets of props that helps you building your
Zombie Scenes.

Included in this set:

– Props:
– Smartpropped Flesh piece for M4 mouth
– Smartpropped Flesh piece for V4 mouth
– Smartpropped Brain to hold in M4s Hands
– Smartpropped Brain to hold in V4s Hands
– Smartpropped Guts V4 is eating
– Smartpropped Guts M4 is eating
– Gore Prop 1
– Gore Prop 2
– Torax 4
– Torax 5
– Skull with leaking eye
– rotten leg
– Blood Plane (Mesh)

– Poses
– Poses for M4 eating Brain
– Poses for V4 eating Brain
– Poses for M4 eating Guts
– Poses for V4 eating Guts

– Expressions
– Expression M4 Eating
– Expression V4 Eating

Props are easy to load and use, just place them in your scene. Done.

In line with our other sets of the F&B series, this is a very comprehensive
Package. Dont miss it!!

THanks for using our sets and check out our other packages in the store.




Product: Ultimate Graveyard Construction Set

Original Price: 13.20$


… when the night creeps along the land, undead creatures rise from the ground and drown the world in darkness….

This is your long awaited, highly versatile Graveyard!
Coming with various types of open-able graves, a chapel with many options to alter, lightsets and many many more stuff.

Detailed items stand close up renders. Make some really spooky stuff … NOW! Before they catch you!

This set includes:

– Chapel as boned figure (All walls, windows, doors etc can be hidden)
– Fence as boned figure (Doors can open etc)
– grave 3 as boned figure (to open the grave)
– Hemisphere

– Big Cross (with injected morphs)
– Bush 1
– Bush 2
– Candleholder
– Grave 1 (with injected morphs)
– Grave 2 (with injected morphs)
– Groundplane
– Lightholder (for lightsystem)
– Pray Bank
– Stones and Rocks
– Large Tree
– Hole in the Ground
– Large Wood Cross

– Preset poses for Grave 3
– Mat poses for hemipshere

– Daylight full set (parents to lightholder)
– Moonlight full set (parents to lightholder)
– Candlelights

– 2 Preset Cams

– Fully equipped Scene in PZ3 format

This set is build for Poser 5 up.
Best results achieved in Poser 8 and higher.
Items load in D/S Studio V3 up, however, shaders and lights are build for poser!

This is an equipment set, no Creaturs, M4/v4 or clothing included!

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Product: Flesh and Bones II – Mutant Flesh

Original Price: 6.80$


“Something is going very wrong! It grows out of control!”

Here comes Mutant Flesh!

Four main figures, three with fully animated flesh tentacles, and a hanging flesh mutant.

Additional Materials will let you taint the flesh into various colours to adopt to any scene.

Included in this package are:

– Mutant 1: A human high flesh piece which can bend swing and bow
– Mutant 2: a five armed flesh mutant, all arms can move, bend and swing
– Mutant 3: a long armed flesh tentacle with a claw that can grip
– Mutant 4: a hanging piece of mutant flesh, five separate pieces with morphs injected to move

– Mutant Flesh Plane with morphs to adopt

– Three different mats (Human Flesh, Alien Flesh Green and Alien Flesh Red)

Fully tested in Poser Version 5 upward.
D/S loads fine in D/S3

Materials use Displacement, ensure you turn on displacement in your render settings!

Enjoy our large freebie section of more free stuff for your scifi Scenes!



Product: Seaworld Corridor-Room Construction Set

Original Price: 13.65$


“Somewhere hidden in the deep blue abyss….”
This is the planet of R-Kealo. Long time ago, this was
a human outpost. Now it is an abandoned place… Probably
the place for your story to begin. Welcome to Seaworld!

This is a versatile construction set of an undersea world. But however, it doesnt need to be undersea. Could be an older starship? Or a pipe city? Or anything you can imagine it to be.
This set comes as a construction set to allow you to build any sort of room, corridor or larger hall you need for your storys, pictures, games, etc. Its build in a way for easy assembly. No hustly when you want to change a wall to be a window wall, or a hatch, etc. Simply load the easy pose and the wall will change.
Lightsets, Helper System and easy pose sets included.
Manual included.

Content of this set:

– T-Part Construction Set
– X-Part Construction Set
– Straight-Part Construction Set
– Curve-Part Construction Set
– Middle Pipes
– Posters
– Hatch/Door Part
– Background Hemisphere

– Adoption Poses for all sets above

– Light Helper
– Barrel

– Full Set, parented to Helper System
– Full Set
– Ambience
– Single Light

Also check the freebies avaliable from 3-D-C that will give you loads of poses and props that work perfect with this set.

Note: This is the equipment set! V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included.

Best results achieved with Poser 8 up with Indirect Lightning.
Limitations in D/S: All items load fine, Material Shaders of some items look different.
Masterdial in Woodbank wont work but can be moved manually.
Light output different..



Product: Alien Spaceship I by 3-D-C

Original Price: 7.20$


During the first War, the Hark One Man Fighter brought a lot of destruction to the humanoid race.
Meanwhile the Hark have concentrated on other vehicle researches, however, the one man fighter is still one of the backbone crafts of the Hark Race.

Out of the box this package contains:

– One Man Fighter Figure
– Poses for D/S and Poser 7 downward to eject the Gear, Flaps and Backdoor
– Poser 8 up can use the bodydials to animate the Landing Gear, Flaps and backdoor

Textures are made for close up rendering.

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Product: Flesh and Bones 1 by 3-D-C

Original Price: 6.99$


Flesh and Bones I

Down Wherever your explorers, privateers, adeventurers or
heros may go, you always can use a good set of flesh and bones, right?
Here comes a set of eight props which can be used on nearly every
horror scene you build.

Out of the box this Set contains:

– Torax 1
– Torax 2
– Torax 3
– Sitting Body
– Leg
– Feet
– Arm
– Skull
– Smartprop Arm (to M4s Hand)
– Blood Plane (comes with displacement map and loads underneath every floor possible)
– Smartprop handpose for M4

Rem: Ensure you enable Displacement Maps in the Render Settings.

This package does NOT work in D/S.

We Constantly add value through freebies. Check our website and our store for more sets and items
that work perfectly with this set.



Product: Ancient Cultures Construction Set by 3-D-C

Original Price: 15.95$


… the spirit of the ancient ghosts
still walk amongst us here….

Welcome to the Ancient Cultures Construction Set

This is the first set of a series called Ancient Cultures.
This is meant to bring you a collection of sets to assemble a
varietes of ancient buildings, rooms, scenes etc.
This first major set brings you anything you need to start over building
any egypt, oriental, romanian or at least ancient alien culture

Check the sample pictures to understand how versatile and
flexible this package is.

Included in the package are

– Main Room Multiprop
– Additional Window type add on figure
– Side Lights Figure
– Hemisphere
– Ambient Lights
– Daylight Set
– Sidelight Set

– 10 Poses for M4 (Specific for this set, more poses through our freebie service)
– 10 Poses for V4 (Specific for this set, more poses through our freebie service)
– Preset Poses for the Multiprop
– Material Presets

– Preset Sets: Marmor, Sandstone light, Sandstone Dark, Egypt, Alien set
– Single Mats for each Mat Region
– Add on mats for the various props such as curtains etc.

– Pillar
– Golddisc
– Throne
– Vase
– Curtain Single
– Curtain Double
– Bank
– Floor Plane
– Lightstand
– Barrel

… this SET continues …

Also check the freebies avaliable from 3-D-C that will give you loads of poses and props that work perfect with this set.

Note: This is the equipment set! V4/M4 Figure, Clothing or Hair not included. Package will also gain value. Check my freebie section on my website for more add ons

A Manual is included to explain best practise and working with this set.

Remark and known limitations: This product is designed to produce best output in Poser 8 and Poser 2010. It is possibly to work on DAZ and Poser 6, however we do not provide support for those. We tested the product in DAZ and all items load ok, however, the masterdials are not supported by DAZ, also the lights are not build for DAZ as well. Clothing and V4/M4 characters / hair shown in samples are not part of this set!!