Product: Scifi City Hangar Bay

Original Price: 17.90$


Herewith you receive your SciFi City Hangar Bay

this set will give you an entire set of a modular hangar bay for a scifi city or larger outpost.
All items come as seperate props, but you will also get a complete assembled scene as well as
arrays of platforms and lights to start an easy custom setup.

Like always we have included lights and presets. Hemisphere for object based lightning included
as well.

Set has been designed to deliver you far scape options for large constructions under the constrain of limiting polygon use and focus on texture quality.
So you can as well do close up renders (see samples).

Buildings have morph inject to open/close doors.

Included in the set:


– Object Holder (for Grouping)
– Boned FloodLight (including OBL Helper)
– Boned Standard Light (including OBL Helper)
– Floor Light Array
– Platform Array
– Hemisphere (including OBL Helper)
– Floodlight Array with attached Spotlights

– Background Props options (Rocks)
– EndCorner Building (Right)
– EndCorner Building (Left)
– EndCorner Building Details (Right)
– EndCorner Building Details (Left)
– EndGround Left
– EndGround Right
– EndMain Building (incl Morphs for Doors)
– EndMain Building Details
– EndMid Building (Right)
– EndMid Building (Left)
– Main Building (incl Morphs for Doors)
– Main BUilding Back Cover
– Main BUilding Details
– Main Platform
– Low Platform 1 to 4
– Light Arrays for the lower platforms
– Walkway

– Daylight Set
– StarPort Lights
– Nightlight Set

– Mat Set Pose for the Hemisphere: Night, RedSkey, Starport, BlueSky

Rem: This set is designed for POSER. It loads OK in D/S but some material shaders appear different. Check readme for details.

Thanks for using our sets and check out the other parts of the SciFi City sets!



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