Product: Bunker: S1 – Commando Center


Original Price: 14.29$—commando-center/112360/

Welcome to our Bunker. Make this your home while our world dies above!

This new series of items will bring you an entire set of a bunker setup,
held in style of the 60s/70s along the cold war bunkers.

Set 1 will bring you the inner commando center. The mainroom is filled with
loads of tables with electronics, computers and folders. A commando table in
the middle will give your general surely a way to plan his counterstrike.

Surrounded by the outer ring of a corridor this set will be able attach to the
next level of the bunker.

All items are seperate but an assembled set of fit out will make it easy to
load it all in a bunch. Also, two full setup scenes included.

As usual, we have put lights, cams, props and add on items into it.

Included in the set:

– Mainroom (Boned, doors can open)
– Corridor Ring (Boned, doors can open)
– Mainroom Fit out (Grouped items)
– Holder
– Row of Racks (Boned, doors can open)
– Row of Shelfes (Boned, doors can open)

– Seat
– Various sets of tables with and without electronics
– sets of desk fillings (with papers, folders etc)
– Larger commando table
– cable tree
– Folder shelf
– Flags for walls (inlcuding morphs to alter style)
– Data Rack
– Illumination helpers (for IBL/OBL Rendering)
– Desk Phone

– Various light sets (Desk Set, Upper Lights, Sidelights)

– Disable of Doorparts (when you connect both Corridor and Mainroom together)

– 9 Sets of Dolly Cams

– Full Scene of the Mainroom
– Full Scene of corridor

rem.: Set is build for use with Poser. Loads OK in D/S, some adjustments to lights required.

thanks for using our sets and check our large freebie section for more!

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