Ship Elements D4: Reactor Room


Original Price: 10.90$


This is D-Sector D4 : The Reactor Room.

Well, any ship or outpost needs some kind of energy creation, right?
So here you get yours. Assemble to your D-Sector sets and have them powered up.

The set comes with a large reactor core room plus the according reactor cells.

Included in the pack are IBL helpers as well as a full light set, preset cams
and a full preset scene. Ready to Render!

Included in the set:


– D4 Reactor Room, dials injected to open the doors
– D4 Reactor 1
– D4 Reactor 2
– D4 Panels
– D4 Console
– IBL Helpers

– Handrails

– 6 Dolly Preset Cams

– Full Set to render with or without IBL

– Full preset scene file

Rem.: File is build for Poser, loads OK in D/S with a few limitations (see read me)

Thanks for using our sets and check out our great package deals!!



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