Product: Outside World: Part4 – Camping Props


Original Price: 10.20$—camping-props/109974/Untitled-1

Herewith you get Part 4 of our Outside World: The Camping Props

Camping Props is a set of very useful Props for Camping, all
build to be used independently. Items such as the Lamp, Camping Flask
etc are also set to be used as SmartProps with V4/M4. Corresponding
Hand Poses included.

Can be easily used with any of the other Outside World sets (Just place
it somewhere in the planes), but works as well without any of them.

Included in the Set:


– Tent (With injected Morphs to open)
– Campfire
– Lamp (as NUll and Smartprop)
– Stump
– Trunk
– Various Rocks
– Thermos-Flask (as Null and Smartprop with morph to hide Cup)
– Cup (as Null and Smartprop)
– Sleeping Bag (with Morphs for V4/M4)
– Plane (to place your stuff on)
– Camping Seat

– Sleeping Bag (M4/V4)
– Hold Cup (M4/V4)
– Hold Thermos Flask (M4/V4)
– Sit on seat (M4/V4)
– Lantern (M4/V4)

– Morning, Evening, Day and NIght Set
– Light for the Campfire

– Full preset Scene included

Check out our large freebie area with lots of additional free stuff!!

rem.: This set is build for Poser, Works with D/Z with a few limitations. PLease see
readme for more details.

THanks for using our sets!

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