Ship Elements D2: Storage Area


Original Price: 11.90$

Here comes the second part of the D-Sector Area: The Storage Compartments

D2 is a set of two rooms, attached together. Designed in line with the other
elements, D2 can be attached to the straight or T-Set of the D1 Corridor package.

It also has an alternate wall for the first room, which will implemented a T-Section
to attach to a larger door. You can use this as an Airlock for example.

The rooms dont neccessarly need to be used as storage, you can also use them
as any other sort of room you desire.

As usual, the set is designed to deliver most flexible and versatile use by still
keeping it simple. Walls, doors etc are boned items to the figure. You can simple
disable any wall for long focal lense shots.

Included in this set:


– Room 1 (Masterdials in the BODY to open the doors)
– Room 2 (Masterdials in the BODY to open the doors)
– Alternate Wall for Room 1 (disable through Pose presets)


– Preset pose to disable Wall2 in Room 1 for Alternate wall
– Preset pose to disable walls of Set D1 to attach straight set or T-Set


– Palette with boxes
– Palette with cables
– Cables and chains attached to Ceiling of Room 1
– Cables and chains attached to Ceiling of Room 2
– Barrel
– Shelf


– Sun preset
– Standard light preset

– Full preset scene included (for Poser)

Check out our large freebie area with loads of add on stuff!!

Rem: this set is designed for Poser, items load in D/S (Some material shaders look different), check out read me for further information.

Thanks for using our sets!


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