Ship Elements D1: Corridor Construction Set


Original Price: 14.20$

Welcome to Sector D!

This first set of the D-Sector series will bring you a comprehensive set to assemble
corridor sets of any sort of way you can think of. The set includes Straight, T-Sets,
X-Sets, Curve and Door Parts. This will allow you to put together any design you can imagine.

We also provide you presets with assembled parts to let you quickly put together your
station or ship.

Included light sets easy the setup and lets you fire ahead in seconds.

Full Scene included.

Out of the box this set includes:


– Straight part (all parts boned)
– T-Set (all parts boned)
– Curve Set (all parts boned)
– X Set (all parts boned)
– Door Part (all parts boned)
– Holder (for grouping elements together)
– Preset: C- Style
– Preset: E- Style
– Preset: I- Style
– Preset: T- Style
– Preset: X- Style


– Preset Pose for the Straight Set
– Preset Pose for the T-Set Set


– Preset lights for all preset Sets above
– Single head light
– Sun light

– Preset Cams for the Preset sets above

Full Scene included

Rem: Package is designed for Poser, works in D/S. Some elements behave different in D/S. Please check read me for details.

Check out our large freebie area for more stuff!


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