Product: SciFi Furniture Set 01


Original Price: 10.20$  , 3,50USD$ for PRIME


Here comes a versatile set of Furniture in SciFi/futuristic style.

Made out of leather, you can apply one of the preset mats coming with it.

Also included is a table and a shelf as well as some stylish sculptures.

Finally, to make it of most value, we have indcluded 24 Poses for M4/V4 for you.



– Couch 1, Couch 2, Couch 3 and Couch 4
– Seat 1 and Seat 2
– Sculpture 1 and Sculpture 2
– Table
– Shelf
– Small Seat (Cubic)
– Small Seat (Round)

Mat Sets:
– white Leather
– Brown Leather
– Black Leather
– Blue Leather
– Red Leather

– 11 Poses for M4
– 13 Poses for V4

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Also check our large freebie area with loads of add on stuff and extra bits for you!

Thanks for using our sets!


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