Ship Elements C3: Private Apartment


Original Price: 11.30$


Welcome to the Apartment of our C-Sector Line.

This Set will bring you a very versatile private Apartment with furniture, lights and cams
to easily create an environment for your space travelers to relax.

The apartment is build in the same style than C1 and C2 and can be mounted to the curve
sections of C1.

Furniture comes as common stuff and can be used in any other sets too!

Included in the set:


– C3 Set (all items boned) with masterdials to open and close the door
– Assembled furniture set for the whole department
– empty holder

– Day Set
– Night set

– Bed
– Chair
– Lamp
– Plant
– small table
– Bank

– 3 Dolly Cam presets

– Full assembled Scene file (Poser/D/S with limitations)

Remarks: This set has been build for POser, it loads in D/S with a few limitations (check readme)

Check out our large freebie section with loads of add-on stuff!


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