Product: Outside World: Part1 – Railroad Crossing


Original Price: 15.70$—railroad-crossing/107391/Untitled-1

Welcome to the Outside World.

THis new set of packs will give you a large variation of outer world
sceneries. The first set herewithin delivers you a roadset with a railroad crossing.

The outside world is build with detail to let you render close up shots but as well
includes enough options to stick together larger scenes. Plants can be zoomed up unto
every leaf. Hide your people in the underwood or snap a large running training, just as
you wish!!

Even though, you can either use the plants alone at each time, but we have also stick
together groups of bushes and treed.

Included in this first pack:


– Mainplane (Street with railroad crossing)
– Hemisphere
– Assembled PLants:
Five Sets of Bush Groups
Three Sets of Tree Groups
Set of Plants according to Mainplane 01

– 11 diffent bushes
– 4 different trees
– grass-set
– Railroad track expansion
– Street Sign
– Cable set for Mainplane 01

– Day, Morning and evening light preset

– two preset Dolly Cams

Preset Scene included.

Rem.: This set is designed for poser. It loads OK in D/S with a few limitations (see read me)

Check out our large freebie area for more stuff.

Thanks for using 3-d-c Products.

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