Product: SciFi City Street Level 2

Original Price: 18.80$


Welcome to our newest SCIFI City Scene: The Redlight and Shopping District.

This set will bring you a full City Ground Area with loads of options and versatility.

A full preset scene is included.

Each building comes with additional layers of detail to be loaded and add more reality
to your scene. Items are mostly modelled out and so they can be used in close up renders.

Buildings are build in a way you can rotate them in 180 degrees to allow even bigger scenes.

Unveal your SciFi City ideas now!

Check the gallery tab below to check out larger renders in full size mode!

Included in this set:

Figure Items:

– Building 1
– Building 1 Details (Levels 1 – 4)
– Building 2
– Building 2 Details (Levels 1 – 4)
– Building 3 (4 is the same but mirrored)
– Building 3 Details (Levels 1 – 3)
– Middle Part
– Middle Part Details
– Tower Part
– Tower Part Details
– Street Level
– Street Level Details (Levels 1 – 2)
– Metro Rail
– Hemisphere

– Hemisphere presets
– Alternate Advertisements

– Spots for each building
– Daylight

– 9 PReset Dolly cams

– Preset Scene

Manual included.

Check out our large freebie area and other sets of the SCIFI City line.

Remark: This is a high poly set. All details of the buildings are modelled out to detail to allow close up shots. We recommend to render scenes of this kind in parts to avoid memory overflow. All samples rendered in this product package where rendered in one piece.
D/S Users: Package is build for poser but loads OK in D/S. Some material shaders may look different in D/S.

4 T_0001 FLSET_0000 Full 01_0001 f FLSET_0002 FLSET_0004 FLSET_0003

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