Ship Elements B7: Ten Forward Lounge


Original Price: 11.30$


Here comes our Set7 of the Ship Elements B-Sector Series: TenForward!
This is the relaxing Lounge of your ship. A place where your explorers
finally can take a rest and a good drink. Have a chat about their adventures
and get something to eat.

Out of the box this set contains:

– B7 TenForward Room (Boned, doors are set with masterdials to open)
– IBL Helpers for the Room
– Table Set with 4 chairs (Boned)

– Bar Glasses
– Bar Stool
– Bar
– SkyDome Helper

– 5 Poses for M4
– 5 Poses for V4

– 3 Material Preset Styles

– IBL Helper
– Standard Up
– Standard Outside

– 7 Preset Cams

– IBL Scene
– Non IBL Scene

Manual for use included.

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Remark: Poser Build. Loads in D/S with a few limitations (check read me)


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