Ship Elements B4: Sick Bay

Original Price: 11.45$


Here comes Set No 4 of our Sector B Series: The Sick Bay.

This set is a room set of a sick bay together with a medical lab and a doctor room.
The entire set is build in modular way with all walls boned as items. So you can simply
disable any wall you dont need to make long focal lense shot.

Easy to handle and versatile to use.Fits to the other sets of the B-Sector Series.

Included are as well two other additional color sets to taint your room into a complete
different ambience.

Lights included.

A complete setup scene is included as well.

Set includes:

– Figures:
– Room Set
– Table and Chair set for doctors office
– Intense Care Investigation Couch
– Set of Couches

– Pose:
– Color Style sets (3 included)

– Props:
– Chair

– Materials:
– All materials as single mat sets

– Scene:
– One preset Scene

– Lights:
– Complete light set

Free Pose sets shared as freebies.

Check out our other SciFi Sets and large freebie area for more.

Designed for Poser, loads in D/S.

Thanks for using our sets.

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